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  • Glad to hear you're all right, Nan. Unfortunately I think you're right and the death toll will rise due to the heat.
  • Re: Hexagon - Yeah, lots, and lots of potential and a fabulous UI to the point that I figured out all I know about it on my own. But it is all for naught if it crashes every five seconds... sure, save often but what happens when it crashes *while* saving?? Wasted potential indeed.

    Re: The heat/weather - I thank God it hasn't been *that* terribly bad up here, but my good thoughts and prayers go out to those that have been affected by it, and I'm glad you're ok, Nan. I guess that storm that passed by you may be headed up my way? I should check the forecast... we've had some heavy rain, but it's been those short, maybe hour to two hour long drenching storms then regular rain, then it stops. Nothing terrible. 

    Stay cool and safe everyone!
  • It's been hitting near 100 here lately. I've been trying not to melt (even with the air blasting) when not at work ....it hasn't been working. Ugh. I hope things calm for you, doll- what a farkin' mess. This season has been EVERYwhere. From blown transisters, electrical loss, cars catching fire?! Oi. It's like a movie set some days while you watch the news.
    "I didn't attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying that I approved of it. " Mark Twain.
  • We're lucky way out here. Just our usual high 90s to 100+ temps. Only a few tornados so far. I keep looking at the area hit by those storms having our temps with their humidity and now a major power outage.... Those poor people.
  • I know...it's hellish...everywhere. There have been notices in the news of people in different places putting together food/medicine/care package drives, too. Of course, there's always going to be those whackadoo's wandering about with the cardboard signs stating "The End Is Near", too.
    "I didn't attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying that I approved of it. " Mark Twain.
  • And if the wackadoos stand on street corners today, their end will come sooner than later due to heat prostration!

    Union Station has power and air conditioning--many touristas are milling about in there, staying cool, and I totally don't blame them. My researcher said his power was out, still, and I felt bad that we were short a guest room (we're sleeping in it currently). He says sleeping is the big challenge in the high heat and humidity--poor lamb. But he's quite positive in outlook: feel certain that with all the sweating and drinking water that his system must be quite purified by now.

    So, railroad back up and running on the Northeast Corridor. If you read the papers, you'd think the end was near, when actually, things are a bit stressed in the region, but otherwise business as usual.
    * A child of five could understand this. Fetch me a child of five!
    * Isn't it wonderful how cute weapons of mass distraction can be?
    * Those are my principles. And if you don't like them, I have others.
  • Yeah, if the doomsayers just visited South Texas on a really hot day, they wouldn't even have the energy to hold up a placard! Not to mention Florida!

    Of course there's the South Texans who start dying of fear at the first hint of a degree below freezing. People are hilarious.

    Thank goodness for the helpful level-headed ones.
    Suspiro ergo sum.
  • LOL
    And then there's those of us here on the High Plains in Eastern New Mexico and West Texas who are used to winter lows below 0F and summer highs above 100F. As a result we're always complaining that it's too hot or too cold and wish that the other season would come. Usually followed by a joking admission that then we'd be making the opposite complaint.
  • Very bad news for some folks. It's clear that Mr. Heller needs to do something though. http://www10.sharecg.com/blogs/david-heller/
  • Wow.  Though, ten bucks a year isn't much really.  
    "I didn't attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying that I approved of it. " Mark Twain.
  • No, the real question is what will it mean for fan-art?
    Suspiro ergo sum.
  • If he goes to a voluntary paid service I have no problem with paying 10 or 20 bucks. The problems are the fan art and the people who can't or won't pay. Maby do a voluntary one where people who pay get additional services or something. We'll have to see.
  • We got lucky last night. Only lost power for a few minutes. 100 miles
    to the south-east it was much worse:
  • I have no idea where in Texas these places are. I have a friend in Dallas, is he far enough away from all this?
  • He is several hundred miles to the East South East of here. I'm in Eastern New Mexico about 30 miles from the Texas border. Lubbock is in the Panhandle. It's that square chunk sticking up from the north west part of Texas.
    The DFW metroplex is also down in the western reaches of the Great Plains. It's at a lower elevation than we are here up on the High Plains.
  • hi, folks. hi, terre. /me waves.

    both shadow and i had to get new computers with win 7.
    in the process i misplaced all of my logins and forgot urls...
    i was just waiting for someone to email me from here and
    terre finally did. thanks.

    i missed all you guys! glad nobody here got hurt in those storms.
    ~^..^~ ladyfur
  • You're welcome. /waves back
  • Hello :-h

    It's awfully quiet in here these days. I peer round the door occasionally but never seems to be anyone around, so I sneak out again.

    Weather here in Malta is still unseasonally warm. The farmers are all complaining about the lack of rain for the winter veggie crops (understandable) and some people (not me) are wishing it would turn colder so they can get out their winter wardrobe!

    Been spending time with Marvelous Designer, testing out the MD3 beta and writing tutorials. Also working on artwork for the story collaboration so lots of pretties and not much in the way of eye candy.

    Thought I would get seasonal so here's an early hallowe'en cutie, rendered for a friend's daughter. She started pre-school this year and is going on a school trip this week to pick out her own pumpkin. Ron Deviney's brushes used in the postwork
    675 x 900 - 128K
  • /waves
    I wonder how many of us have been doing that?

    Good start to the season there. :)
  • I am still here every now and then. But yes, it got very silent.
  • Maybe we should jump-start things by making a "Hi." post when taking a look in here.
  • What delurk ....? Good idea :)
  • dylazuna said:

    Hello :-h

    It's awfully quiet in here these days.

    Been working on a new graphic novel, here.
    Jim Farris, Author, Science Fiction and Fantasy
    Jim Farris, Author, Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Good morning. :)
  • Hi. Watching decorations go up all around. There's a new crop of kids in the neighborhood.

    800 x 533 - 279K
    Suspiro ergo sum.
  • Very cute, both of them!

    I have been working on commissions, Halloween contest banners for another forum, publisher pieces, and spent the day in the hospital yesterday- it's been kinda busy/awful about these parts.  Worse thing is?  They have no idea on what the hell is wrong, even after a cat scan and two ultrasounds of my abdomen.  Yay.  So, I'm home off of work two days and doped up with percocet.  May have some interesting art come out of that.  

    "I didn't attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying that I approved of it. " Mark Twain.
  • {{hugs}} Good luck. I hope you recover quickly.
  • Good morning. :)
  • Thanks, Terre...so far, I'm still in Happy Pill land.  Good morning!  I am also working on a new Damian render with M4 rather than M3...and a sci-fi voodoo guy...>.>  We'll see how THAT one goes.  lol
    "I didn't attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying that I approved of it. " Mark Twain.
  • Sound interesting. :)
  • Hi!

    Cute little witch there Suro.

    More hugs and well wishes to Grim. Hope everything gets better soon.

    Scifi voodoo huh? Sounds very intriguing :)
  • Morning.

    Suro's mom fell and broke her hip. The surgery went fine and hopefully everything else will also.
  • Hello , I still exist. Sorry for my absence. Been busy trying to make friends in the neighborhood and my muse had left me. Now that i feel blue and heartbroken again (don't ask, my heart is given to behaving ridiculously these days), my muse has resurfaced. Go figure.
    Will be starting to play pathfinder next week, and here is my  (currently nameless) half-drow sorcerer.

    P.S. I know i should put him in the fantasy thread.
    706 x 530 - 204K
  • Nice work there. He can wander into this thread anytime he wants to. :)
  • Well said.
    Suspiro ergo sum.
  • Seconded. Like the lighting in that one Raet.

    Hope hearts and hips are feeling better soon  /warm hugs/
  • Cheers guys. Thanks for the encouragement. Will be posting more again soon, hopefully.
  • Looking forward to it. {{hugs}}
  • Hopefully.
  • Morning. We decided we wanted something different to eat so there's now a 20.49 lb turkey in the oven. :)
  • Yummm. How was it?
    Suspiro ergo sum.
  • I don't eat meat, but that sounds like a BIG turkey, (or maybe I'm thinking small turkey, big chicken :/ )
  • It was delicious and yes, it was pretty big even for a turkey. :)
  • Good morning. :)

  • Jim says "Windows 8 sucks, and not just a little bit."

    His computer died just before I got off of work today. We ran to Office Max to get a replacement. Put the old HD in the new machine and nothing so it looks like the old computer may be fine, it's just the HD. If that's the case then eventually I'll end up with the "old" (22 months old) computer.
    Hopefully we can get someone to recover the data on his dead HD.
  • Good morning.
  • Lovely bit o' art, there Raet. I'm sorry things are being rough for you.
    * A child of five could understand this. Fetch me a child of five!
    * Isn't it wonderful how cute weapons of mass distraction can be?
    * Those are my principles. And if you don't like them, I have others.
  • USB HD dock arrived a little while ago. Data transfer in progress. It looks as if the boot sector was the only problem on the HD.

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