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  • thanks, terre, but for his birthday we both got... the flu. it has been a lot of sleeping. i just wanted to check in here briefly. the thermal shirt i ordered shadow is out for delivery right now, yay. we are getting mixed weather, too cold to hobble out in safely.

    suro, yikes. sounds like wheel of weather fortune. oh, vanna, pick me a forecast.
    ~^..^~ ladyfur
  • Oh pooh. It always hits at the worst possible time. {{hugs}}
    Suspiro ergo sum.
  • thanks, suro. 5 days of flu... but he likes his blue thermal. and we had pancakes.
    ~^..^~ ladyfur
  • I just got a call which is probably a scam my husband came across recently. Callers are trying to get you to say "yes" so they can record that word and use it to falsely charge things to your account. He said to just hang up without saying anything. In this case it was a man saying "Hi, I'm Josh from the customer service department. Can you hear me OK?"
  • terre, i just saw this post. yes, it is a scam! they use it to fake that you agreed to something, like a subscription. never ever say yes. say, 'no, i'm on verizon', if you want to confuse them or better yet just say nothing. i hate scammers.
    ~^..^~ ladyfur
  • 'no, i'm on verizon'

    LOL GOod idea.
  • Just filed a scam call complaint with the FTC. "This is an emergency call from your computer's security system. Your computer license has expired." Grrrrrr.. Too many people, especially elderly, fall for this fraud.
  • Good morning.

    Work funny from Tuesday. It was the bakery manager's birthday. There was an order for a 2 layer round unicorn cake that she hates to make which had been placed a week before to be ready by early afternoon. While she was working on the cake the produce manager kept bugging her saying "That part's not right" and being reeeally picky. After she was done the bakery assistant manager called the store manager back to bakery. Meanwhile the produce manager, deli manager and I had all wandered over. She was then handed a b-day card that we and several other employees had signed. It started with an explanation by the store manager that she had just made her own b-day cake. Her reactions were priceless and the produce manager recorded it all with her phone. The deli manager said "Why do you think so many managers were here?" Her reply was that she had been wondering.

    When I told a few checkers what had happened a little later one said "She was both probably pissed and pleased." Yup. That summoned it up quite nicely.
  • Wheeeeeeeee..............!
    I got to go through the KeHE holiday "books" (computer PDF) and do the initial work on getting the order ready. (It's due tomorrow.) Since this is the first time I've done something like this I suspect the boss will find my suggestions on the conservative side as I didn't want to overdo things. Glad he had me look at it because it reminded me of something I got asked about last year during Holiday season: vegetarian ham. When several Tofurkey items came up with one being a ham I marked that and three other veggie meats that were offered. Other stuff included holiday tea displays, non-dairy nogs and coffee creamers, two MiDel GF cookies, two Pamela's GF cookies.... Couldn't find anything that was clearly sugar free though, If there was any it was brands I'm not familiar with and they didn't have clear SF markings.
  • Good morning. :)
  • Good morning. :)
  • hi, terre. sorry, i vanished. i lost my win 7 harddrive and had to start over on linux. i mod a channel on disqus and i was showing people some of the olllllllld artzone renders i had saved from when there was artzone! and i started looking for people and found this forum again! whew.
    ~^..^~ ladyfur
  • Glad you were able to get back here. I was thinking I might need to email you again. Good to see you. OK. Next time I go this long without seeing you I'll send an emil in case something has happened again.
    That ecard site has implemented something that my version of FireFox doesn't like. I'm trying to figure out what to do about it.

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