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  • Oh wow... what does that mean?  I mean my stars aren't particularly stellar there...
  • Well...I think it's an honor...only the best stuff makes the front page.  I've made it a few times, but only the best (stuff like tutorials and M4, the stagecoach project, the Amish buggy....never any of Nursoda's pose sets).  I'm not sure if it's judged, or if it's page views or popularity or rating.  I've tried several times to figure out how to rate people's stuff to help them out, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to do it.  I wanted to rate your recent textures...never could find how to click in to do it.

    Speaking of textures, two jean sets for the D'Capri outfit for Dawn have been added to the bottom of this page:  http://byudragon.com/Poser/Clothing/Clothing4.html


  • Everything in Rendo's clearance is $3.50 through Saturday night, plus there's a 25% off of up to $15 (including sale and clearance) email coupon available, so it's worth taking a look.  The DART space ship used in the Dawn sci-fi pose set is in clearance now:  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/ptropeaerospace-dart/31070/

    There's also a texture set for historical curls in clearance:  

  • :D  It was a really great sweater... with truly shitty textures ruining it.  I had to do something about that, even if it was something small and fast since today was a fence-painting day and I had to be offline most of the day.

    LOL!  The Rendo Clearance Sale + Coupon scored them another $26 out of me this month.  The bummer being that Coflek-Gnorg's store JUST went on sale today and I've got nothing left for the time being to throw at that tasty bit of sale.

    I'll just have to hope I win another challenge somewhere to continue chipping away at that part of my wishlist.  I've been naughty enough for August nabbing all those old things like the pTrope and the Yaxxon ship along with some other gems (Shomy WoodElf, Robat Cyber, Fort Apocalypse, some M3 characters...yadda yadda yadda).  ;)

  • Hahaha...yep, great sweater...that needed some help...and I was hoping you would see the need.  And yes, the Rendo clearance sale is worth the effort of at least checking it out.   Between the sale and coupon, it's the only time we'll see prices like that.  

    I've decided to watch the Dawn stuff for awhile, since numerous pose sets are being released....I think a commercial pose set will have more of a chance later on, when the content surge at Rendo and RDNA settles down.   I'll also get an idea of the general response to Dawn...which appears to be good...lots of free clothing being released, and this will help me also to have a variety of outfits for promos.   This is however an ideal time for texture sets...quite a demand for those.   Hivewire seems to be moving slowly with new content releases, Poser World is even slower...and CP is pretty much asleep at the wheel.   RDNA and Rendo hit the ground running, making up for the slow starters.   What I like mostly about Dawn's release is the availability of a free weight-mapped figure (since the software is moving in that direction) popular enough to have at least some free content support, so that non-Genesis users have a chance to get back in the ball game, closing the gap created by "that other place".   If you notice, it's also causing a little reaction from V4 folks, who have stepped up the pace in creating content, and M4 is also getting a little attention.  The results have been a non-Genesis revival so-to-speak.  

    Wayii, your textures are the best....so I hope that you'll seize the opportunities to show the quality of your work.


  • It's not about showing off so much as it's about filling a hole pleasurably... wow that sounds so wrong, but it's exactly what I do.  I find textural holes in wardrobes and fill them with my particular aesthetic.  Currently trying to fix the Vidaelia outfit with texture.  Sometimes fixes are long and difficult.  This one is.  But it's not an impossible job.

    I keep looking at some of the commercial outfits and holding back.  I am not ready to invest.  I invested in Antonia early and got burned when the vendors made a poor and scanty showing for her.


    All that to test a texture after I got punchy. 
    1116 x 801 - 179K
  • You've spoken wisely...I did think about that possibility, and decided to wait and watch for hard evidence of Dawn support before jumping in.   It was discouraging right after release since nothing that I would actually call clothing was created until after about a week.   I decided to wait and watch for signs of lasting support, but kept my word about free pose sets in order to contribute to that support.  So far I think things are looking good, and yes, there are a few commercial clothes sets that have possibility, but I understand you're waiting.  I guess where you're concerned...and I don't know how to say this so that it comes out right....it really applies to all of us...we all worked hard and contributed much to Nursoda's characters...and I'd love it if we were still doing it, because it was so much fun.  But...it seems Frank is either taking a long break, or is busy with real life pursuits, so we lost our "leader" so to speak.   Wayii, you're too talented to just end up on the shelf, and so it's not so much a thing of "showing off" as it is simply being seen.   I was so pleased when you ended up on the front of ShareCG....and you didn't even know it...haha...you deserved a little attention for your typical hard work.   If we worked in the real life business world, we'd use business cards or ads in phone books or some means of "being seen"....online it's different of course, so we have to find ways of being seen, introducing ourselves, and saying this is what we have to offer.  In my case, I'm taking time during this break from cranking out freebies to seriously consider how to approach possibly going commercial...things like....do I use the name skylab, or will people see the name and think "oh okay, the  freebie lady", or do I use an entirely new name in order to be anonymous, with a fresh start.   Not sure.   Either way, I'm facing creating a simple logo, something that represents my work.   I also have to deal with my creative "spurt" nature....I can get in a mood to be creative and crank stuff out rapid fire.  But, if real life stuff comes up, if there are "practical" things that need my attention, whatever, then the creative spurt dries up completely.  It's like an automatic shut off valve...haha....so I doubt I could ever depend heavily upon creativity as a steady income.  It comes from having been in the business world for so long.   I learned to use 3D as a creative way to dial down from stress.

    I watched a special on tv last night about animation.  It happened to be about stop action, or what used to be called claymation, and a little about the history of animation, which began with "flip book" style by Thomas Edison.  Near the end of the program, a lady commented on why there are so few successful, well-known women in animation.  She said that at the start of the education process, classes are about one third women, but by the time they graduate and enter jobs, the numbers decline rapidly because women are given the least desired projects when working on teams with men...so they end up with animations involving children, or domestic/child-rearing, scenes that are often shortened or edited out of the final finished 3D movies, so their work is often never even seen.   In other words, they are squeezed out of their positions by their more ambitious peers, unless they are really exceptional in the field.   For women, whether in business, or creative careers, or like us, budding creative hobbyists, it takes an extra ingredient of tenacity...and it helps to have it if you know that you have something of value to offer.   Most of you ladies are probably younger than me...so you'll still be doing this after I've moved on to changes that retirement brings...so I hope to encourage you to seize opportunities.  Go for it....and I'll be more than happy to cheer you on!


  • Not all of us are not all that younger... if we are.

    I hear you on the creativity. I'm the same way. I need a certain mindset to produce regularly, and a definite sense of freedom. Getting ready for the start of the fall semester certainly doesn't do it.
    Suspiro ergo sum.

  • surochek said:

    Not all of us are not all that younger... if we are.

    True. Many of us are in our 40s or 50s.
  • Oh yay!  Thank you, Sky!  :D
  • LOL!  Sky... I struck again.  Textures for that Vidaela dress for Dawn are up on Share CG now. 
  • I wonder if the uv mapping is the same on the Dawn and V4 Vidaela outfits?
  • Elynda said:

    I wonder if the uv mapping is the same on the Dawn and V4 Vidaela outfits?

    Dunno... you have the V4 one?
  • I do, I think.  Will check.
  • Well, now I had to go and get FreeFashion's collections. I had some for Sadie, now I have the stuff for Dawn and V4. The power of the Wayii.
    Suspiro ergo sum.

  • If you're interested in a few goodies for Poser, there are several at this link.  I've used the snow machine before and it works nicely.  There are Skin and Metal utilities that I have not tried, but may prove useful:


  • /waves
    Good to see you. :)

  • I've not been online much lately because real life stuff has taken priority, and news of an elderly family member being diagnosed with very serious illness most likely will result in having to move.  I'll be facing downsizing and packing, and with so much on my mind, creativity hasn't the slightest chance of expression.  Everything has shifted to left brain...so I'll be putting on hold the idea of commercial poses for now.  I'll still check in with you folks, and try to keep up with the freebies that are appearing....including Wayii's new textures on ShareCG.  Go girl, keep up the good work!   I just need to devote some serious attention and effort toward all that's happening now.   As the saying goes, a bend in the road is not the end of the road unless one fails to make the turn.  

  • Oh geeze.  Sorry to hear about your family member and the whole in flux situation.

    I've been kinda busy offline myself, though nothing so dire and foreboding -- just grounds and house improvement.
  • {{hugs}} Real life does have to take precedence. I hope everything goes as well as can.
  • Oh so sorry to hear the news, Skylab.  Hugs for you and your family member.  Downsizing can be a pain.  What to keep, what to get rid of.  After 3 years, I still can't find stuff I know i kept.  One of these days, I need to tackle the attic.

  • Thanks everyone.  Downsizing is a lot easier as the years roll by, it's much more difficult when young...just wish I had youthful energy right now...oh well :)

  • {{hugs}} Don't forget that you can also drop in to whine and b... blather. Yes. That's what I mean.
    Suspiro ergo sum.
  • Haha...I hope I won't be doing that here...will certainly try not to.  Of course I'll miss the fun....but it's nearly impossible to think about fun stuff when other things demand attention.   I'll try to watch for freebies when I get a few minutes online.   I guess you saw the great dress for Dawn that Jan has on ShareCG, go here if you haven't seen it:  http://www.sharecg.com/v/71893/browse/11/Poser/Mistress-St.-Clair-for-Dawn-at-HiveWire3d

    It's similar to one at Poser World, but more detailed textures.  Speaking of Poser World, all I can say is it has certainly been disappointing that they've started an "Ultimate" lifetime category which cuts out the majority of folks.  In an email that they sent, they indicated that only 2% of their membership has bought into the ultimate idea.  I'm not surprised, since from the beginning lifetime was indicative of just that...and changing the definition may not be such a great idea at this time....it would leave room for next year to offer a step up to the "Super Dooper Deluxe Ultimate" lifetime...haha.   So...looks like there won't be many accessible Dawn outfits from them any time soon.  Oh well....

    Have a good evening everyone...


  • On the other hand, have you discovered Lully's free Dawn stuff?  There's a little bit of hoop to jump through to get at them, as she insists on being contacted through Rendo site mail or Facebook to get access opened, but there's a whole lot of free booty on the other end of that.  Worth the trouble.

    I've already churned out a little something scifi for one of her outfits.
  • Ooh... How do we get to it? What do we ask for on Rendo?
    Suspiro ergo sum.
  • surochek said:

    Ooh... How do we get to it? What do we ask for on Rendo?

    Send her rendo sitemail here http://www.renderosity.com/homepage.php?userid=371706 asking to be validated.  For you, this is a real bonanza, as there's a lot more than just stuff for Dawn.
  • She's got a ton of great stuff, but she insists on "personal renders only" -- and I can't promise that. Drat.
    Suspiro ergo sum.
  • Wow, I just checked the freebie site and they certainly do have a lot of outfits.  I sent an email for registration and will grab a few of those downloads as soon as I receive a reply for membership acceptance.

    Thanks for the tip Wayii  :)

  • Also, she has indicated that she's totally fine with folks using her stuff in contest renders. She just doesn't want it in commercial promos and in commercial ads and animation. Apparently she got burned really badly by people profiting on her work and claiming it as theirs. That's also why the registration dance. She feels like she has more control over that if she personally has to let people into her site.
  • I can certainly understand it, especially if she's been treated unfairly in the past.   I usually make notation if stuff is for personal only, and since I've not yet created anything commercial, and the likelihood of it happening is slim probably for the rest of this year, I still think it's worth getting her downloads just for the opportunity to have a variety of clothing without a money investment.   My 3D budget has by necessity just gone to almost zero, but I can stay in the 3D ball game because of folks' generosity with free stuff.  I'll just be so very busy for the next six months at least, perhaps a little longer...not only with downsizing and moving, but the emotional commitment of working through changes with family and friends, and emotional support with family illness and care-giving issues.   The saying "that  which doesn't kill us makes us stronger" applies to this particular season for me.   Thank God my physical issues stabilized to normal in time for all this....I have more physical stamina and emotional strength to give, and good friends to help share their support.  And...you guys are important too...I cherish our online friendships, and will certainly look forward to watching for your comments and seeing what you are creating.   As things look now, I'll probably be super busy from now until past the holidays, and beyond that, we're dealing with so many unknowns...but this time of year is definitely the best advantage for planning a move.  When the weather gets cold, I normally stay indoors as much as possible in order to stay mobile....oh to have 30 year old joints again, especially now....haha.   Oh well....I'm a super working machine if I can roll around on an office chair, and it takes far less energy than balancing with a cane, leaving both hands free for doing stuff....so you get the picture...it's working, but I just have to do things differently from the way they may normally be done.

    I just received a reply for site registration, so as time permits, I can now jump on those downloads.

    There's an add-on for the DART on ShareCG, go here:


  • Thanks for the heads up.  :)
  •  Jan19 has a nice dress for Dawn. PoserPro2014 only as far as testing
  • A person on another forum says Hivewire3D got hacked. They're back up now but he's going to change his passwords etc.
  • Terre, thanks for the info.   I'm not online as much now with being busy with organizing and packing, so I appreciate any tips that are given.  Everything here going smoothly so far, I'm just very tired at times and like today, slept a lot...then I go again for long hours until I have to pick another day to stop and rest.   I try to check this thread and ShareCG at least a couple of times a week.  Right now I'm working on disassembling my present workstation, and planning the layout for the setup in the new location (and will keep internet access in the mean time by laptop), and deciding the essential other stuff that will go with me, and sorting things for donation.   The most complicated will be the music studio...everyone is encouraging me not to sell it, so....all that stuff has to be carefully moved.  Since I have to do most everything from a sitting position, that's what takes so long to get things done.   I prefer doing it myself to keep from having things damaged or lost, then get help for loading and transporting to the new location.   Anyway, that's life for me now.   I'm actually enjoying planning the new location, but it's just not easy or quick carrying out the plans.

    Again, thanks so much for tips about what's happening...helps me to look forward to being back in the loop.   I did discover this past weekend that the internet connection in the new location is three times as fast as what I've been using...woo-hoo...haha.   Needless to say, it took discipline to shut the laptop down and get back to work...which I need to do now.   But, I'm looking forward to getting back to playing some in a few months.


  • You're welcome and thanks for the update. We've been wondering how things are going.

  • Hi everybody...just checking in.   Here's an unusual Dawn freebie that was posted on the Hivewire forum:

    I'm fine....tired of course, but fine   :D

  • /waves :)
  • *randomhugs*
    Suspiro ergo sum.
  • Adds some more. :)
  • Dress with Halloween textures for Dawn. http://www.pfddelights.com/index.php?topic=614.0

  • Hi Suro :)  

    Thanks for the freebie tip Terre   :)

    There are not words to express how much fun it is, downsizing after over 40 years of housekeeping....haha.  I'm even sorting, donating, and packing in my sleep now.  Making great progress, and will surely be glad when it's completed.  Miss the 3D fun, and hoping to be back at it perhaps by winter.

  • It's never completed, skylab!  *giggle*  Even after 3 years I'm still sorting through things.
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