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  • Will be trying some more ideas with Slon tonight....while Matlock and Dr. Quinn are on.....haha.

    Oh, by the way, for those of you who may be trying Dawn for the first time, you have to inject the basic morphs that come with her in order to control smiling and a few expressions, pictured in Aug 9 post on previous page.   It turns out that the Starter Morph package is not just body morphs, but some facial controls too....so I was able to get the starter bundle discount, plus I used the "points" allowed, resulting in 50% off of the Starter Morphs, since it was driving me nuts that I couldn't control the face....haha.  They have some sort of point system, and if you look in the upper right hand corner during check out, you'll see something that reads like "you have ---- total points, and you may use ------ points on this purchase", a box appears where you can type in all the points they will allow in large green numbers, and upon check out it ends up being a nice discount.   You earn points by registering for the forum and the website, and I think there are points added for being on the mailing list....then you can lated apply those accumulated points as a discount.


  • Here's a list of the facial morphs included in the Starter Morphs for Dawn.

    650 x 1459 - 342K

  • I keep forgetting to mention this, so am doing it now while I'm thinking about it....the Hivewire freebie forum has very loose guidelines, not a long list of "do nots", and though it does encourage links to free stuff, it also leaves room for having fun as well.   I've not had any links removed or disciplinary emails...haha....and in less than a month I've gotten over 1300 hits.   I've also had Nursoda enthusiasts leave positive comments.  So....having said all that....what do you all think about having a Nursoda freebie thread at Hivewire?  Other folks are putting up freebies that are ancient, so the fact that our FLO content is not new would not matter.  I've been well received by folks who missed seeing me on that other forum.   What do you think....are you guys up to it....getting back into the higher traffic and giving it a go?   If you are, then the Dawn with Slon poses could help kick it off.   The forum guidelines mention PG-13...but then we always kept it kid safe.   Wayii, you were always the leader of the FLO's....would you want to start a thread in the Complimentary Corner at Hivewire....or if not, would you all want to participate in something similar to the SLON STRANGER thread....it could be SLON STRANGER RIDES AGAIN....or SLON STRANGER 2....or whatever.   Just getting your thoughts on this.  It's the only way I know of to generate some interest in Frank's stuff, and it might could help Karth too.  

    Wayii, if you do decide to start a thread at Hivewre, don't do what I did....I was so nervous trying to figure out all the settings and preferences and permissions, etc (with poor eyesight). that I didn't think enough about what to call the thread...and long story short, you can't change the thread titles on your own, I had to contact LisaB to change the title to the shorter name SKYLAB FREE POSES...which she was very glad to do.   Just a tip that I learned the hard way....haha.   The forum will take small animated avatars, but as far as I can tell will not show animations like I used to do...I tried it once and it changed it to a static .jpg.   It will take loads of .jpg images.   When you are logged in, and inside your thread, you can see who is online at the top of the page, and some are usually participating in an ongoing large chat box at the top of the page.   This is an improvement over that other forum, in that you can have live group communication if you are working together on a FLO project...or just chatting like many do.   

    Here's the link to the Complimentary Corner guidelines:

    ...and my free stuff thread if you want to register and look around:

    And finally, here's a really rough draft of Dawn and Slon WIP....haha.



    531 x 792 - 96K

  • First one in set that will be called "Best Friends" is completed.


    650 x 397 - 45K
  • That is cute. :) Good work.
  • Sky, I'll think about it.  I don't entirely trust that group, considering they have long history with DAZ and considering how DAZ ended up treating me by the time I'd had enough of them.

    You should pop over to the EvilInnocence store, as he's made a number of Dawn freebies available as well. http://www.evilinnocence.com/free-stuff/clothing/dawn.html
  • Well she's in her own little runtime now, along with the rest of her free stuff.  I had to have her with Jim's book in her lap.  Sitting women should be reading women if they're not sleeping women.  ;D

    Those are Nursoda's RiotGrrl Boots for V4 parented onto Dawn's calves (two of them, each with the other leg hidden).
    985 x 765 - 317K
  • That's nice Wayii :)  ...and I've never had any luck in the past trying to parent shoes/boots not made for the character so it turned out very well...I'll have to explore that more.   

    Here are the "Best Friends" poses so far  :D

    650 x 510 - 69K
    650 x 378 - 56K

  • Suro, the KCTC group has just released a whole series of Native American stuff for Gumdrops...thought you'd want to know  :D

  • Nice work you tow. :)
  • Sky, thanks! That's great!

    And I particularly love the Dawn and Slon on the couch pose. So homey.
    Suspiro ergo sum.

  • The Dawn and Slon Best Friends pose set is completed and on ShareCG:

    I'm sure many will not know what to do with my odd sense of humor on this one, but I had a ball creating it nevertheless.   In order for Dawn's facial expressions to be seen, you have to inject both the base morphs and the Starter Morphs.   The body poses will work fine without them, but you will get the default expression on Dawn.  Two of the pose sets are Slon and Dawn doing their version of Johannes Vermeer paintings.  I'm including larger versions below in order for you to see more of the details.   The just released Vienna dress from Poser World is used in the lute version.   


    999 x 548 - 117K
    999 x 605 - 118K
    650 x 510 - 69K
    650 x 378 - 56K
  • Beautiful and adorable. The Vermeer scene is amazing.
    Suspiro ergo sum.

  • Haha....Slon is winning a few people's hearts too.  So far it has been well received, so I'll plan to do more like this.  

    And Suro, you've got me thinking, something you said recently about promos and such....I've been wanting to earn a few more pennies since health care and meds are getting outrageous....so I'm considering the idea of submitting a more "serious" pose pack to Hivewire just to see what happens....I can't lose anything, if it's rejected, it could still be used as a freebie....but if it's accepted, it would be a lot more fun to do something I love doing than some dull part time online job.   And I could still do freebies, especially the funny stuff that probably would not be received well commercially.   I'm at least thinking about it....and doing some homework, like making sure the stuff I use for props are okay for commercial renders.  We'll see...nothing ventured, nothing gained.


  • skylab said:

    Haha....Slon is winning a few people's hearts too.  So far it has been well received, so I'll plan to do more like this.  

    And Suro, you've got me thinking, something you said recently about promos and such....I've been wanting to earn a few more pennies since health care and meds are getting outrageous....so I'm considering the idea of submitting a more "serious" pose pack to Hivewire just to see what happens....I can't lose anything, if it's rejected, it could still be used as a freebie....but if it's accepted, it would be a lot more fun to do something I love doing than some dull part time online job.   And I could still do freebies, especially the funny stuff that probably would not be received well commercially.   I'm at least thinking about it....and doing some homework, like making sure the stuff I use for props are okay for commercial renders.  We'll see...nothing ventured, nothing gained.


    If you're planning on trying to submit a pose package to Hivewire, your chances will be better if you use as many HW products in the poses as possible -- their figures, their props, etc. These guys are basically A DAZ reboot/ offshoot and so far they are doing business the way DAZ does business. Cross-selling by interdependant product is a core DAZ practice and I suspect it will be very much an element in HW3D's M.O.
  • Hi Wayii...I was hoping for your comments.   I read the submission info, a 60-40% deal, but if you sell the same product elsewhere, profit drops significantly.   They encouraged V4-M4, but not much else, primarily wanting Dawn stuff, which I figured would be the case.   I'm set up at this point to use some of their stuff, but right now they have very little in the way of interesting props, etc.   I've not yet explored RDNA or Rendo's submission requirements....I'd probably have much more freedom with them in terms of themes, use of props, and choice of figures.   I know at Hivewire I'd be limited to Dawn and all that follows...the only reason I was considering beginning there is that they seem to be so open for participants at this time.   I'm not familiar with Content Paradise.   I wouldn't be depending upon this venture for making a living, just a part time experiment to see if it would work.   I'd continue creating non-commercially with older model freebies and fun stuff.   I'd appreciate your experience and input, if you have advice.  I guess Rendo seems scary to me since it's such a huge machine now....Hivewire is barely off the ground so it's not so intimidating....but then, that's not all that needs to be considered I'm sure.   I'm vaguely aware that DAZ did some slick mistreatment of the vendors, in order to push non-DAZ folks out of the picture.   This seems to be greedy human nature typical in more subtle forms even in the freebie community.   Even someone on ShareCG occasionally gets a fit of this and submits the same, or similar, stuff over and over in order to "push" others off the front page, sometimes uploading all night long.  I've noticed it because I'm a night owl when I'm working on art.  The individual will register under several names, and keep uploading...hahaha.   This week's name is Matrix3D (go to ShareCG Poser page, sort by newest to see).  Sometimes it's Fightfan.  Another one who does this is Atrion666.   They have the DAZ business model down pat....hahaha.   That's why it's a good idea on ShareCG to  have lead in links from other sites, so that folks can still find your new releases even in the middle of an upload war.   So....even in the freebie community, there are still those who think success involves pushing others down....when actually the opposite is true....build each other up, and the results are a stronger, healthier pool of creativity.


    EDIT TO ADD:    I failed to mention that one of my interests is facial morphs.  I've done only a few as freebies, but this could be a way to branch out from pose sets.   I've admired the work of one of the vendors on RDNA, go here to see examples: 

    To me this is truly artistic, like forming something from modeling clay.   I wouldn't be able to do textures though, I just don't have the gift for that.

  • Just skimmed through Rendo's vendor guidelines....whew....it's lengthy.   They give 50-50, only top sellers get 60-40, two to three beta testers are required before each submission, and there are numerous format and readme rules.  They also require minimum pricing.


    Small Sets/up to 20

    $ 7.99


        - with partials included



    Med Sets/21-30

    $ 8.99


        - with partials included



    Large Sets/31-40

    $ 9.99


    - with partials included



    XLarge Sets/41-50



    - with partials included



    Expression Sets up to 20

    $ 6.95


    Expression Sets up to 30

    $ 7.95


    Up to 20 poses and up to 5 props

    $10.99 -$11.99


    Up to 20 Poses with up to large props/buildings/scenes

    $12.99 - $13.99

    Limit of 50 base poses (not counting mirrors or partials) in one package.


  • All of them will make you jump through a lot of hoops before doing you the honor of letting you make money for them. If that's not something you have a lot of patience with, you might want to stick with freebie distribution. I'm not trying to scare you off trying your hand at it, though I'm sure it might sound that way. This is just the nature of the market.

    Draft yourself a team of personal beta testers not related to whatever brokerages you opt to try in. It's better to have your dependable friends picking your packages apart before it ever goes to a brokerage because most of the time Their Testers Don't Give A Shit. Not about the package, not about the store and definitely not about you and your time. They often are just in it for Free Stuff and sometimes will even take your stuff and warez it as soon as they think it's safe to do.

    Never believe a brokerage representative that tries to make you believe they have your best interests in mind. That's just brokerese for "this is how you're going to get us paid". Be wary and keep an eye on your sales figures, then compare them to what the brokerage tells you that you've earned. Do not be surprised if those figures don't match often or if pay is late, low or just doesn't come. This is common and I know of no brokerage that seems to be able to keep their shit straight when it comes to paying out what they owe.

    Always watch for what people are going mental over. Peek through the CG galleries and scan poser forums to get a feel for what's hot This Instant. The brokerages are pretty much only interested in that UNLESS you can present a truly slick promotional thing that makes whatever it is look Really Cool.

    That's pretty much all I can offer off the top of my head. If you have any questions, I might have answers, but I might not. Either way, I'll give you what I can.
  • Wow...that's amazing, and really makes one think....especially about not getting paid properly and their testers distributing warez....especially after all of the lengthy submission and legal requirements.   That's down right sickening in fact.   I did see mention made of delayed payments because of returns and such, so the monthly total is delayed...but geez, eventually it should be done correctly.   I had already picked up on some of what you've said by forum discussions in the past....some folks would be so upset that beta testers had not caught certain issues, and things would be said indicating that they, as you said, did not care to do a very good job....and all the more disgusting if they were the reason warez was circulated so quickly, again, I've seen forum discussions about this very thing.    If I did go through with submitting my work, I was hoping you guys would be willing to be beta testers....which would mean free products of course, and hopefully we have the relationship that you can tell me, hey, this looks weird, or something is not quite right, or it may sell better if you did it this way.  If you've had things you've mentioned above happen to you, no wonder "the thrill is gone" for you....and that's such a shame because you truly do excellent quality work.  After reading Rendo's "deal", can you imagine how many characters Nursoda would have to sell in order to make a living....since he always kept his prices low and very fair...half of low is Really Low profit.   I just started thinking about this after I saw some of my poses for sale on Rendo....I thought to myself, hey...I worked on that...if anybody should sell it, it should be me.   I suspect that pose packages have to be really high quality as they would tend to be the last thing folks would want to spend money on, if the budget was tight...so I know it would not be easy.   I can deal with quality challenges...but I did not anticipate having to deal with dishonesty.   I saw it so much in the business world...stuff goes on that is nearly intolerable, and often the sneakier the individual, the more they are groomed for leadership and success.   All part of the process of covering for each other....so it would be naive of me to think it would be different in online business.

    I skimmed through Hivewire's store this afternoon, which didn't take long, they only have seven pages of products.   I saw a few oldies that I have that could be used as scenes or props...the best probably being the seashore house and adirondack chairs that were released with it during it's original sale.   This could be used for Dawn poses.  I also noticed Mil Horse products, so it would probably be okay to do horseback stuff.    I'm leaning toward Dawn primarily because the market is absolutely flooded with V4 stuff and it would seem impossible to even be noticed in such circumstances.   I'm also thinking that submitting Roxie stuff to Rendo or RDNA would be a good idea, for the same reason.   Other options would be Nursoda characters and animals, but I know that they would probably not sell all that well.   I have a feeling that I would not sell a lot in terms of volume, but it's possible to make up for it in terms of productivity...I can create a lot of stuff in a month's time.   I do think there will yet be a market for M4 stuff, at least for awhile.   

    I'll think about this more, and keep collecting information.   RDNA requires an example product work in progress for review before acceptance, instead of submission of final for review as do the other stores...so I may work on something for them first...probably Dawn.   I have to get my brain going....as you mentioned, discerning what folks will like.   And yes, sometimes we as a group did Really Cool stuff back in the day that sold products...we did it all the time for Nursoda's stuff.  I will always believe that Hein sales were significantly increased by our efforts...and it was pretty obvious when Nursoda released a guitar playing hippie Hein, and later numerous dresses and women characters appeared (Elynda's ideas) that our efforts  had become effective advertising.   Because Elynda and I didn't know how to model, we could not follow through with products based on the ideas...but others did, so Hein received a lot of attention for quite awhile.

    Elynda...Suro....Terre....would you be willing to beta test?  I'm hoping Wayii will be also be willing.   There will be times when you may be too busy, or not have the particular character I'm working on, but perhaps enough of you would be available to fulfill the required two by Rendo.   It's only if there are repeated rejections that three are required.  

    You may wonder, how's my health.  Much improved.  My sugar is finally normal....thank God!  And my vision is improving, or I'd never be able to type this much...haha.   Once it stabilizes, my vision is fine....it's when the readings are all over the place that I really have trouble seeing details.  

    Wayii, thank you so much for your honesty...and if you have anything else to say, go for it.  I'm listening.  That's what this is all about....you talk, I listen, because this is all new to me.  


  • Judging by what I'm seeing in various galleries, Dawn is what people are getting retarded for. Choosing to make fair-sized, solid packs of poses, faces and the like for her is wise for now. Were I still texturing, I'd doubtless rip out a handful of second skin textures for her to fill the initial apparel gap. That sort of thing would do well.

    As time permits, I will be happy to test poses in PP2012 if I have the required figures. I will be happy to comb the pack runtime for necessary polish ( surprisingly NOT universally done in retail packages ) and may occasionally make suggestions as things strike me.

    You CAN make money and a name on poses. Ironman 13, Daniel & Marforno and Digiport are notable examples.

    And I figured you were feeling a lot better, since you've become very productive again. ;). Always good to see.
  • Yes, feeling much better, and I enjoy being productive.  I don't like to be idle, one can get bored and grumpy doing that.  

    Yes, Dawn is "it" for now...I realized that some time back, in order to stay current, I'd have to at least participate.   And yes, the second skin textures would be useful now.   I think paganeagle, if I have the name correct, has been attempting this type of work with material zones...but nobody can do textures like you.   

    One area that I know will need improvement for a commercial package is .png images for the poses.  I've been doing a quick render to create them, but they don't look as good as they should for selling.  I'll have to work on that, how to produce a better icon image.  I also have to improve how the poses load....that is, they can't be all over the place when they load....sometimes I get turned around on the editing platform and realize after the fact that the poses may load viewing from behind....stuff like that.  That has to be corrected, so I need to work on being careful not to get carried away flipping things around while working.   It happens because I try this, then I try that, and then I move it again, finally make up my mind, and forget that I've changed directions entirely....so x and z are no longer x and z.   Also, in my earlier poses I had trouble with elbows....and learned after experience to use twisting the arm between the elbow and shoulder to  accomplish the inward arm movements needed.

    As far as the money goes, I'm assuming if the agreement is 60-40, one is doing well to get 50....and with 50-50, one is doing well to get 40.   No wonder some vendors sell their products on their websites....but then one would have to be chief cook and bottle washer, as the saying goes....having to do everything, with less time for creating....so I guess the attitude has to be cultivating contentment with whatever profit may be realized.   

    Wayii, thanks so much for taking time to offer comments and advice....we can all learn from your experience, and I hope we'll be able to work together.   Right now I'm considering domestic type poses for Dawn....around the house/kitchen, cooking, dining....and the same for Roxie, and poses for the seashore house chairs, musician poses, more horseback, and some that could be called contemplative....that would possibly be useful for vendor's promos.   For M4, possibly baseball and football poses.  Oh...almost forgot to ask....is it necessary to contact vendors when their products are used in the pose sets for promos?  Usually the policy is commercial renders are okay, but I was just wondering if there's a courtesy thing with this?


  • I would certainly be willing to beta-test. You're ahead with any howevers already -- school starts soon, but that doesn't mean I'll be putting Poser aside. I have to keep sane, after all. You may need a Studio tester, too, and I haven't used v.4 ever, and the older ones in years. But my Poser is at your disposal.
    Suspiro ergo sum.
  • Thanks Suro.  I had thought about the DS issue...if we have DS users, it would be great, but if not, I could always indicate products not tested in DS...a lot of folks do that.

  • More and more do that.
    Suspiro ergo sum.
  • Sky, I'm afraid I havn't messed around with Poser7 enough to test anything or to make upgrading to a newer version which could handle Dawn or Roxie worthwhile.
    Eventually this may change. I do have some interest in actually doing this sort of stuff rather than just seeing what others are doing.
  • I'd be happy to test for you skylab.  I have DS3 and 4 as well as poser 7 and 9.  have done some beta testing previously too.
  • Thanks Elynda...that's wonderful, you also use DS, so that will be a big help....thank you so much.


  • Sky!  Sanbie has made a new outfit for Dawn.  http://pfdlives.com/pfd/index.php?topic=5335.0
  • Thanks Wayii.  I registered and am waiting approval for membership to the site, and access to download.


  • I know you like her, so I immediately ran back here to let you know.  Heheheh!
  • Hi Wayii....got the download.  That's a very nice freebie...pants, sweat shirt, and shoes....and a texture challenge with it....an opportunity for you to show your stuff....go for it  :D

  • skylab said:

    Hi Wayii....got the download.  That's a very nice freebie...pants, sweat shirt, and shoes....and a texture challenge with it....an opportunity for you to show your stuff....go for it  :D

    For you.

    Paint It Black
  • Thank you so much Wayii  :)   I happened to go on ShareCG to check for new stuff and saw this as soon as you uploaded it, so I've got it, and will check it out this evening.   So glad to see that you've created another texture set  :D

    I've been setting up a new workstation.  My other drive finally went ka-put.   It has been making odd noises, whirring, and clicking...and finally whistling...so it was no surprise when it finally blue screened for the last time.  It was just worn out hardware.   So...I've spent the last three days setting up a Vista drive, slightly smaller, with a persnickity Cisco USB wireless adaptor....which means it only likes to connect late at night or only on Tuesdays when it's raining...haha.  So, I have to use the laptop for internet speed, and the workstation for 3D creation and rendering....which means working out a system of passing files with thumb drives so that nothing gets lost in the shuffle.  What a....disruption to the usual workflow speed....but, at least it will do for now.     Anyway, that's why I've been offline mostly for a few days...just getting back into a routine this evening.   

    Not much new on Rendo free stuff, but noticed the adMan loin cloth (might be useful for Native American stuff) while skimming through "the other forum" freepository.

    Have been giving much thought as to possible commercial stuff, while rebuilding the workstation.   I'm leaning heavily toward Dawn and M4 stuff....with maybe free Slon add-ons for some of the Dawn sets just for a little humor, and Nursoda presence in the projects.  I'm thinking that perhaps I need to work on the M4 sports sets, baseball and football, and have collected reference photos in order to begin.   I don't know how women's sports themes would go over,since it's usually not seen....basketball, baseball, dressage horseback...so I may be bold and try it, just to see what happens.    

    Thanks again Wayii....keep up the good work, as always   :D

  • Good to hear from you, Skylab. Volleyball for women would probably go well, since it can be used as beach volleyball. Other sports... as much as I'd like to say yes (because I'd like the poses), I just don't know.

    I haven't been online as much because I've been doing RL crafts, and now I have to get ready for the semester. But I'll look in.
    Suspiro ergo sum.
  • Hi Suro...you're right, volleyball is a great idea...and yes, other sports will be a certain amount of risk...especially in light of all the "ooo-pooh-pee-do" type pose sets already dominating the various stores.  You can probably imagine what I think of themes that are degrading to the image of women....as if we need women contributing to the problem.  That's why this will be a bit of a challenge, and have possibly slow or little positive response at first.  If I were to open a sweater store on the corner of a block on a street in a neighborhood where only bikinis and underwear have previously been sold, business would probably not be so good the first year.  Part of the "sex sells" illusion is the neighborhood factor.   Sex sells in a virtual neighborhood where the bait for it has been long established...and folks who want sweaters will naturally go elsewhere.  In the case of 3D clothing, it's also a driven market....that is, it's a lot easier to produce skimpy-wear than face the intense labor required to create a full outfit....and whatever the modelers are doing, the pose creators have been following along behind...because everyone wants to make a good profit for their efforts.   I've always started small when attempting to introduce a new idea....if you may have noticed, when I tried western poses, I started with one freebie.   It grew to three or four more....then it turned into folks requesting more.   So, I'd do the same thing with "new" commercial ideas.   Small pose sets for Rendo are listed as 20 or less....so that's how I would start, no more than 18 or 20, and test the water to see if the market would be flexible in acceptance of something new....if there's positive response that sounds like "finally, some real life stuff", then it would be a signal for more...and if there's no response at all and we are hearing crickets in the background (haha), then it would be time to try something else.   I would imagine that pose sets are the last thing people really want to spend money on....and in the case of Dawn, folks have probably tried to get her clothed first...so pose sets may have their day later.

    After searching RDNA thoroughly, I discovered that V4 actually had a couple of clothing items that would be considered normal for everyday use....a hoodie, and a  retro blue jean outfit called Blue Jean Baby that may work with sneakers for something like a softball set.   I think enough has been released for Dawn that I can throw together something casual for normal life poses.  I'm focusing on imagining how the promos will appear, and have to prepare for it since I have very little women's clothing that can be "cool" without being seductive and demeaning.   M4 will be easy...Billy-T's Real Jeans have always worked well.

    I'll start making a list of possibilities...and will add volleyball, and search for reference photos.  That's a good idea because there are already volleyball court models available.   I'll need to check about poses....if any have been included in sets, so that I won't duplicate anyone's previous work.  


    EDIT TO ADD:  Forgot to mention pose set possibilities...not only domestic, around the house, but also dealing with children, even stuff that's a little funny, running errands, store shopping...things that women normally do.

  • Thought you might. :)
  • Indeed, will make a great winter theme set  :)

    I just remembered I was supposed to check on whether Roxie was available outside of Poser 10 or Pro 2014, and someone has posted a set of beach poses for Roxie on ShareCG, and they happened to mention in the description that she is only available in the programs.  Oh well...she's got very good rigging...and folks who know what they are doing are getting good results in the fitting room so that clothing can be shared between models, much like is done with Cross Dresser.  I'm not sure why for the limited distribution, as other Poser models have always been available at CP, like all the G2's, Miki, Tyler, and Olivia.   
  • Might be she only works in that version of Poser.  :(

  • Yes, uses the new weight-map rigging.  So does Dawn, but apparently they went to great effort to make her compatible with Poser 9 and Pro 2012, as well as the new version of DS.  Roxie and Rex were created for the new version of Poser...as was the toon character Barney 2.

    RDNA has a free weight-mapped version of V4.2 that works in Poser 9 and Pro 2012, called WMV4, or sometimes seen as V4-WM, at this link:  http://www.runtimedna.com/WMV4.html

    I asked on RDNA Poser forum if there was a M4-WM, but they responded not yet, only V4 was available.

  • THere were people working on a M4-WM but I havn't heard anything since Rex was announced.
  • Jeans for Dawn at ShareCG, but the .obj file might be located in the wrong folder.  Haven't tested yet, but unzipping showed .obj in character folder rather than in geometries.  Not sure if this works, it's apparently a conversion, but nice to see someone is creating stuff for Dawn...go here:

    ....also, a Capri outfit, one for DS and a separate one for Poser, at this link...just click the pics for download to start:

  • Woot! Good job. :)
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