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  • Oh, and yes, I did get the zip of the buggy, no problems. I could have sworn I had responded, but I guess I got distracted/waylaid/absentminded..
    Suspiro ergo sum.
  • The characters I used in the scene are actually Gumdrops. Cupcake is the "furry" version (animal-featured) of Gumdrops. The wolf is based on Puddles and Scratch + the Scratchies morphs from DAZ, and the horse is Diamond. Gumdrops/Cupcake and Diamond are at RDNA. The Gumdrops outfits are freebies from http://trumarcar.francemi.net/gumdrop_tc.htm
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  • Okay, yes....I don't know what I was thinking, I meant to say Gumdrops....I must have been having a senior moment...hit an air pocket...whatever you call it....hahaha.   I don't have Cupcake.  I think it's that I see all these similar characters and forget the names.   I'll try to load up Gumdrops stuff and see what may be possible....a lot of what I have came from trumarcar's collection.

    Glad you got the buggy, was making sure that the zip worked.  Been trying new things with the uploads today.

    New character on ShareCG, if you have the oldie Michael....M2 Native American:

    Free outfit at Rendo:  
    ...and used RDNA Wildside Hair

    I hadn't planned on making a character this evening, but just started spinning the dials, and thought....hmmm, may as well upload him.   I was watching Dr. Quinn while working....and he just sort of jumped out of my runtime....haha.


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  • *envy*  He is so good!  But I don't have M2. :(

    I'm sold on the hair, though.
    Suspiro ergo sum.

  • Whoops...oh well....M2 is a lot like Apollo in that his facial morphs were built in, no need for extra morph packs, so his face is like working modeling clay.  Unfortunately his shortcoming is lack of much clothing support and some rigging/body build issues.

    And yeah...RDNA has the best hair, feather and choker...made for M3 so it may work well for you.

    Haven't heard anything from the guy who made the buggy....you never know about the accounts on ShareCG.  His has not been real active (apparently his name is Greg), the latest models appear to have been uploaded three years ago, and the buggy was uploaded five years ago.  He's not responded to folks' comments....so I wonder if he's still around.  I taught a friend of mine the basics of 3D by email a few years ago....she learned and enjoyed it for about three years before she passed, and her stuff is still on ShareCG.   So...one never knows.   My intention was to let the man know that I was majorly messing with his buggy model, partly to make sure he was okay with it, and also wondering if he'd be willing to rig it.   Oh well....I tried.  

    Do you have the M3 head morphs?  So far most of the pose sets I create use the base model only.  For facial work it would require using the morph packs.  Just wondering.  Both M2 and M3 were created with really strong jaws, widest at the base, which can be adjusted, but M3 requires the morphs to make a significant adjustment.

    I dropped the V4 Mona Lisa project by the way because I noticed on Adam's site (same one who made the wheatfield background) that he had a V4 Mona Lisa painting.  I actually used that product a little when it came out, but I was fooling around with Nursoda characters at the time, and didn't hold it in my mind that it was created for V4.  I do try to be careful to not step on other folks' turf, out of courtesy...and have found the three areas where it's a sure thing that nobody is already creating stuff is for the male models, biblical, and Nursoda stuff.    When Dawn is released I may take a look at Mona Lisa again, if it's possible.  I'm really looking forward to the release of the male counterpart of Dawn...since her bending as it has been demonstrated appears to be far superior to anything I've used thus far....the most significant difference being the hands and arms, really important to realistic posing....and others are excited because she can wiggle her toes....haha.

    The buggy project might be completed by tonight.  I've done the M3 driver pose, so am working on M4 version now, and if there's time, may do one for Apollo.  M4 clothing is really limited in western or farming outfits, so I use the 1930's working man since it has suspenders, and I can use the Poserworld straw hat from the 1800's outfit...but I think I've seen a free straw hat somewhere for M4.  I should have asked Steve about converting the 1800's outfit for M4...in fact, I may go over to the forum and post it now while I'm thinking about it.   Can you tell I'm getting awake...hahaha....this is how I get my engine started for the day....she may be slow starting, but still has plenty of steam.


  • After posting a request on Poserworld for the 1800 outfit conversion for M4, possibly more western gear, and if they were willing, a rigged Amish buggy and flatbed wagon, in no time someone else posted in response that they too would like to see that type of thing, saying they had seen the western stuff on ShareCG.   It seems we're starting a western trend...totally unintentional...but nevertheless....haha....here we are in our boots and spurs.   Got any new ideas??  

    ...and Elynda, where are you...you know we were always stirring things up...do you do western???

  • Darn, now I really have to rejoin Poserworld. Let's hope they have a deal (still or again) going in a week or two when I get paid for my latest online workshop.

    I have M3 and especially M3RR. M3RR takes all the skins for M3, but not the morphs. M3RR (reduced resolution) is like M2 in that it has all the morphs built-in. I use him for background characters that won't call for closeups because I'm too lazy to work up a bunch of detailed morphs, and skin variations are enough for crowd scenes.
    Suspiro ergo sum.

  • Finally uploaded the Amish buggy bundle, which includes driver poses for M4, M3 and Apollo:

    Suro, I think I have M3RR also, will look through my stuff.


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  • Hmm western.  Well I do horse scenes, does that count?  Great job on the buggy!
  • Thanks Elynda...and thanks for the tip where to find the buggy collection  :D   And...certainly horse scenes count...let's see some of your renders!    I was looking at the adHorse today but it already has so many poses included, I really can't add much to it...but there would be ideas there for Mil Horse poses.   

    Spent some time this afternoon searching for anything country or western in the way of accessories....everything from houses to tables, stoves, lamps, kitchen stuff....anything that would serve as free props for poses.  In addition to creating free poses, I'm trying to show folks who are doing 3D on a budget that there's plenty out there in the way of content, if they are willing to search for it, and learn to scale and improvise to create their scenes...I can tell by some of the questions for me on ShareCG and by email that some could use the incentive to learn.   Elynda, you were the improv artist with Hein projects....haha.

    I'm planning to do wood chopping/splitting poses (if I can get the arms to position correctly) for M4 and M3...already have the reference photos collected for that project.  May do some reading and relaxing poses for Roxie....and also have photos collected in preparation.   

    Possibly could do poses for small chores like sweeping, or sewing while seated in a rocker, and dinner table seating poses at a trestle style table with benches....scenes typically shown on Dr Quinn, Little House on the Prairie or the Waltons, for example.   

    Oh if I could only create and rig models...there would be no limit.  I will eventually have to face the task of learning...I guess that the frustration will end up being my incentive to push forward into new things, like everybody else...haha.   

    Elynda, it's good to see you posting...have missed your input and presence....we certainly had a lot of fun together during our Hein-athon :D

    Hmmm....now there's a thought....Hein.   No reason to retire him....maybe he can do wild west scenes.  I got the Cross Dresser thing for Hein, but I may have to pray for a miracle to figure out how to deal with the new XDresser 4 upgrade.   I used to use version 3 just fine....but the conversions....yikes.   If I could get it to work, Hein may be able to wear most anything.  If Slon could be Slon Stranger, certainly Hein can be a western character.  Just a matter of improv, right?  Gunslinger Hein, farmer Hein, Native American Hein....all requiring poses of course.   And...with a little work, he could be Dr Quhein....just needs a long dress and fancy hair, right?   Hahahaha......

    Hmmm...I've missed doing funny stuff...who knows what could happen in my runtime tonight...


  • Ooh! Wild West Hein! Do you have Aina? She's perfect as Mrs Hein.
    Suspiro ergo sum.

  • Hey Suro...yeah, I have Aina.   Can't remember if I've seen Elynda use her.   

    The biggest challenge will be the size of the horse....I'll see what I can do with the Mil Horse with something resembling a shetland pony, or shorter legged horse, so that we can still use the same saddle and other accessories.   Oh...that would be funny.   I'll see what I can do.  It will be fun....a Hein western!

  • Ooh, I think I did something... Let me see...

    Hmm... Yes, seems like I worked on something but never got to the final render... Okay, let's look at the WIP... what did I do for Hein?
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  • The only significant thing I did was to scale the MilHorse to 48%.

    Now I have to play some more. There's a free House Mouse-sized "mongol" saddle out there, but it's not very good (the cinch is totally in the wrong place. I can do some modeling, but I have no patience for rigging -- yet. Still stuck on the rigging of a shirt for Gumdrops (who needs to be cowboyed-up, too).
    Suspiro ergo sum.

  • Well...here's one to kick off Hein on the Range.  

    The Mil Horse has a Shetland setting....I adjusted it to 0.764 and shortened the tail to -0.300.  The western saddle had to be tweaked and adjusted, scaled down 80%.

    Hein is up-scaled 150%...and his clothing is first conformed, then up-scaled 150% in order to function.  Hein needs a proper texture for his pants and Sleepy Slippers, but otherwise it sort of works. The rest is just scaled props from the free M3 Indian outfit at this link:

    I just noticed that our stagecoach and Amish buggy projects ended up on the home page of ShareCG, in the Poser section at the bottom.  How about that....haha.

    Hein Brave pose set uploaded to ShareCG:




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  • Heee! Cool!
    Suspiro ergo sum.
  • PS: Now I really have to get the Painted Ponies pack.
    Suspiro ergo sum.

  • The pony texture was part of CWRW Pro Pack....I think it was all the textures in one bundle, an older product that I've had for awhile.

  • Looking good. :)
    Not a big deal but is the horse's body scalable? The Shetlands I've seen are broader in the torso than that morph is.
  • Hey Terre....I think the biggest challenge may be the saddle fit and further stretching Hein's legs outward.   I felt like perhaps Hein was a little large for the horse at 150%, but any smaller and his legs were almost sticking straight out.  If you think there's a fix, you could download the pose and give it a try.  There's only a little length left to the stirrups in the present position, yScaled to fit Hein's short legs....haha.  Give it a try and see what happens, and let us know...I could always adjust the pose set.  


  • Here's another...he always rides bareback on the show.   Poses zipped and attached below.  :)



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    662 x 890 - 152K
  • The Shetland morph requires tweaking. I wasn't happy last night with the results of the morph alone. The head is too delicate and the legs are too fine. And it needs a better texture. With good shagginess.

    But a scaled-down Mustang type looks fine.
    Suspiro ergo sum.

  • Glad you found a setting that works for you.   I shouldn't have called it a Shetland...was just using a Shetland setting to get a shorter legged horse.  Simply shortening the legs, which can be done, just didn't look right.  Anyway, you've got a horse setting that works for you...and can be called what it is....a mustang.

    I changed the description at ShareCG to "reduced size Mil Horse" for the time being, and will re-setup the scene with a mustang to capture a pose for replacement later.


  • Started setting up the scene in order to replace the horse, and came up with the following.   The horse on the left is a mustang at 0.500...higher numbers caused his eyes to bulge a little, and he's scaled down to 73%.  The results were very similar to the shetland setting at 0.764...the subtle differences being a slightly broader chest and fuller face.  Because the differences were small, I just re-named the poses "Hein Horse Walk" and "Hein Horse Stand" and have changed the zip on ShareCG with the newly named poses.

    Here are pics of the side-by-side....mustang on the left.




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    450 x 428 - 24K
    450 x 412 - 21K

  • Oh well, something good came from the Hein brave project...someone just left a question where to find Hein...so I hope it makes a sale for Frank.  


  • More good news...checked Poser World forum and there's been more positive response posted at the western stuff request thread, plus Steve responded that he'd try to do the rigged buggy, but said he didn't know the first thing about tack...so I left him this reply:

    Know what you mean Steve...same for me about the tack...haha.  I've found the best option for buggies is the tack from DAZ Vintage Sleigh.  One thing I did think of, if this helps....is if it would be possible to do a "one size fits all" rigged frame...then perhaps add-ons could be created and parented to the rigged wagon frame (as the rigged wooden part is necessary in order to achieve the angle necessary to appear to fasten to the harness, and turning wheels necessary for animation).  This would be similar to what I did with the Amish buggy project, except the wagon I was using was not rigged (I tried to improvise with a connection bar).   It would of course be impossible to animate something like this, but a parented prop to a rigged frame would work   If you're more comfortable just creating two whole wagons, that would be great as well, but was just thinking of a way to get more use out of your rigging efforts.   The Amish buggy is uploaded to ShareCG now, so if you want to take a look at the accompanying information and links to tack options, go here to view:

  • One more from Dr Q.




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    616 x 892 - 120K
  • Needful stuff. Excellent. I'm hard pressed to keep up.
    Suspiro ergo sum.
  • Thanks Suro.  I'm finishing up the projects that I had started, and working on the Roxie reading poses now...so that I may take a little break to give my eyes a rest, before the release of Dawn.   I've got enough Roxie scenes set up so that it will be easier to create Dawn poses quickly.  Most of the time scene set up takes longer than the actual pose work.   The Hivewire store is up now, a bit pricey, go here to see:  http://hivewire3d.com   
    Dawn will be released on August 9, free only for a limited time.

  • Well...I finally took a risk and stated my opinion about the Dawn project...as a response to a small discussion on RDNA forum...not to be abrasive, but rather finally verbalize how I feel about all of it....since I'm having some concerns that it could be yet another expensive trip down same old same old lane.   Here's what I posted:

    Hi Jan...yes, I think Tosca did a really fine job on Amelia for Roxie, and I do think that Roxie will be very useful as a more average size character in everyday type of scenes, which appeals to a good number of hobbyists.   

    I've been very surprised at the interest in western, rustic, and country pose themes, way more so than fantasy or even modern everyday themes.  This is of course the exact opposite trend from the professional and semi-pro users....which could be why many of the hobbyists have retreated to using the older models.   I have to admit that even I began to lose a little interest in the Dawn thread when the heated discussions shifted to genital size and placement, and tiny lighting details that would never be noticed except in extreme close-up situations.   I've seen all these debates before...and in the past it has been the squeaky wheel which has always gotten the grease.  Consequently we have numerous Poser models capable of achieving huge genitals and lifelike realism in terms of lighting, but it has taken this long to finally get past all that to have "eyes up" enough to realize the model needs to bend in a realistic way...in the shoulders, arms, hands, fingers....and even the legs and feet/toes....the type of thing that the hobbyists have been wanting for a long time.   From the posing aspect, it and the difficulties of clothing fit, have been very limiting as to how the model appears, and may be used.   I've never been a vendor, nor anything but a hobbyist...but I can't help but wonder when the software companies aspire to higher professional animation goals with models that have serious animation issues, because of years of pressure from a growing push for preoccupation with "sex sells" (...but as they say in the medical field, seen one, seen them all...haha).   The simple truth is...Pixar doesn't do the fiddly-bits, as one of the forum posts put it....haha.   I'm so hoping that we can move forward with what Poser has been trying to accomplish....characters that animate well, and I'm hoping that the Dawn (and male model) project will accomplish the goal of models that bend and perform well within the software...and push us past the same old hinderances, toward a broader and higher goal. 

  • Well put. And right on.
    Suspiro ergo sum.

  • Hi Suro...I was hoping to express some of the things that I've felt, and have discerned that others must be feeling based on things they'd post.  It would seem...if they can't get past the DAZ selling strategy, then the new models won't be much more than that, just more new models...with the goal of selling more of the same type of clothing...and many of us have been there and done that already.  The hobbyists have been alienated in the process...and the most effective thing we could do for each other at this point is help each other continue in 3D without supporting their greed.   I'm preaching to myself now...because I really need to buckle down and watch my Fugazi modeling tutorials...who knows what I could create if I learned to model it right...haha.  This is why I always try to use freebies for props whenever possible....to encourage the prop modelers to continue making more.  I think when many of us got the cold shoulder on DAZ forum, it took away a lot more than forum threads....it stole from us community, and from some individuals the little dream of at least sharing their art work online with their peers.  The latter was the most destructive, since it stole the initiative to try...at least that's what I sense has happened to many.  I was aware that many who frequented the DAZ forum were handicapped in some way....so am I.    I hope that I can contribute encouragement, in hopes of righting this careless and destructive wrong.  For myself...I like art and love humor...and hope to be doing both as long as my eyesight is adequate, and until the Lord calls me home.  
  • Sky, you're a treasure.

  • ...and so are you Wayii.  I haven't forgotten that you were the first one who suggested that I share poses.  I didn't believe that I had anything worthwhile to contribute until you made that suggestion.  See what a little encouragement does?  


  • You're both treasure, all right. :)
    Well said, Sky. We'll see what happens there in the long run.

  • Thanks Terre.  We've all been made better for having known each other, and you and Jim have also been an important part of the community.

    It's almost impossible to address things on the Dawn thread.  I watched as they clobbered Joe Quick when he tried to make a few points about the fundamentals of customizing the models...he was trying to address their pressures for the default model to be created a"super momma", as usual (which I would think would make the zero pose default clothing more challenging to create)...and he tried to show them that they could morph it to be any way they wanted...and in spite of visual proof, he eventually got it right between the eyes...as talented and knowlegeable as he is.  That's when I gave up following the thread each day.  I knew they'd never listen to somebody like me.  But common sense speaks for itself....as long as there has been a 3D community, it's taken this long to address things that could have just been fixed in the older models.   

    Speaking of older models....I had the good sense years ago when M3 and D3 were popular to get the head sculpture packs for both....which take it to another level beyond the regular head morph sets.   I can use those to create highly detailed custom facial morphs...but it wouldn't do any good to share the poses if others don't also have the sculpture packs.   I just checked and apparently the products are no longer available.   They make the heads like modeling clay, easily tweaked like the older models were.   Just mentioning, in case any of you also have those sculpture packs.

  • A talent is a talent and they are neither given in complete sets nor distributed evenly. I have an eye for some talents. It's one of mine. I find joy in seeing possibilities in people turned to good use and I get grouchy seeing them squished and squandered.

    As for the Dawn thread... Well.... It is what it is. The same people do the same things over and over and wonder why progress remains slow and painful. They can't hear the voices of reason trying to help things over the sound of their own (debatable) awesome.
  • Yes Wayii, I've been around long enough to notice the cycle which slows progress...sometimes amusing, and sometimes sad when one thinks of what could be accomplished if some of the selfishness could be silenced long enough to move forward.

    If any of you are interested, HiveWire is live and I've signed up for the forum in order to keep up with freebies and announcements.  I had trouble with email confirmation using Firefox, but set-up went smoothly using Chrome browser.  They do allow animated avatars...80x80 size limit, with lots of customizing options for the forum.  It's just getting started so folks are getting set up and greeting one another in some of the new threads.  Links below:

    ...and a few instructional videos have been uploaded to YouTube:

  • You be my guinea pig. I'm tempted to join, but for one, I wouldn't get anything done at all. I don't get much done as it is!!
    Suspiro ergo sum.
  • Know what you mean...the HiveWire thread will be more like announcements...at least I think that's what it's going to be...haha.   Have had a few posts this afternoon, folks stopping by to say hello.  

    Here's the latest project...which is taking awhile to put together...but thought you might want a sneak peek and links to the props that will be used.  It's a western dinner table scene including M4, V4, M3, V3, M2, V2, David, Steph 3, James G2 and Apollo.   Here are the prop links and a WIP pic...haven't done most of the hair yet, nor have the characters been posed beyond basic sitting.

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  • My next project may need to be a list of synonyms for "cool". I mean it, but it's becoming a bit repetitive to post! ;)
    Suspiro ergo sum.
  • PS: thanks for the freebie links! I had the 1910 kitchen (and most of Ockham's stuff), but the rest is new. Cool!
    Suspiro ergo sum.
  • You're both treasure, all right. :)
    Well said, Sky. We'll see what happens there in the long run.
    surochek said:

    My next project may need to be a list of synonyms for "cool". I mean it, but it's becoming a bit repetitive to post! ;)

    I know what you mean. :)
  • I had been searching high and low to find a country kitchen, and didn't realize that Ockham had a good stove, water pump and washing tub.   The trestle table and bench set has good textures for a freebie.

    I got this link off of the HiveWire freebie section...Fringewood's free stuff page which contains chairs that look interesting, plus a fireplace with wood and accessories.  I usually test stuff before I recommend the links, but will go ahead and post this in case you want to try any of this stuff.  I'm especially interested in the arm chair for a prop for pose sets.   Fringewood posted a link for me for extra textures for the arm chair but the site requires registration so I've not pursued it yet.  Links below:

    Fringewood free stuff:

    Texture for arm chair:

    Fringewood's thread at Hivewire:

  • I think I may have that armchair. I'll have to look. Most excellent. I haven't collected freebies like this in a long time.
    Suspiro ergo sum.

  • Here's another from HiveWire free section...a texture for Roxie.   Haven't tried it yet, but here's the link:

    Texture and Bump map for Roxie:

    ...and link to thread on HiveWire:

    KCTC toon site has a freebie announcement thread there too, go here:

  • Finally got the freebie thread set up...whew...that was work...haha.

    Found Mada's texture for Fringewood's chair...looks nice...I'll definitely be using this for pose sets.  The first pic is his original, and the other three are the free add-on textures.





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