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Nursoda Noir!
  • LOL I had to make a beach shorts texture for these.  :D
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  • OMG YESS! That's adorable!
    Suspiro ergo sum.
  • surochek said:

    OMG YESS! That's adorable!

    Heheheh!  No idea if it will make it into the final pack of textures for the shorts, so you guys can grab that there and use it if you want.
    3000 x 3000 - 10M
  • Lol..Brulbette...thats a nice Name for her*g*

    I love your render..very well done and the Colors and pieces work so very well


    Yep..i add a second shape  for the waistline... such geometry of  dull Pants need

    an eyecatcher ;-) 

  • Poses for Brulba  :D


    ...also, found a free beach ball to use with the pose, if interested, here:






    500 x 542 - 33K
    500 x 559 - 38K
    350 x 352 - 308K
    300 x 297 - 195K
  • LOL Sky, you do the most fun animations :)
  • Yes she does. :)
  • Got B-Style! Slon done and uploaded... the projects are moving along.


    This needs Xaa's Conforming & Dynamic Bodysuit for Slon.

    I think that's that for the B-Styles, at least for now.  The shorts just don't seem like B-Style stuff.  Beachwear, yes, barabrian wear, yeah... girlie wear, hell yeah.  Lots of good possibilities, especially if I skin the bodysuit to be a cropped shirt or tank top to go with it.

  • Slon looks really good in B-Style  :)

    I attempted to make a pair of cut off jeans, but it would take me the rest of my life to figure out where to put the pockets so that they look right...hahahaha   :D


    350 x 460 - 25K
  • On the front, use near the top of the front seam-dent (his claw tip is sitting right on it) as the leading (upper) edge of the pocket and the side seam as the terminus (lower edge) of the pocket in a quarter circle panel.  That should do it for you.

    For back pockets, you slap one on the middle back of each butt cheek and it'll be fine.  ;D

    OR it could be cutoff jeggings -- a lot of those don't have pockets and they come in all colors of stretch denim.
  • Crash Landing

    1200 x 1200 - 747K
    Suspiro ergo sum.
  • You know I think that's too cute for words.  =^_^=  Especially surly green Brulba.  He looks like he's swearing.
  • You'd be upset too if you were stranded in a place like that!

    ... "I told you! Didn't I tell you..."
    Suspiro ergo sum.

  • I have to say, it really is nice to see so much Nursoda support....and what better way to encourage Frank to create more fun characters.

    Since we all share a dedicated appreciation for these characters, I thought I'd share a little trivia.  A few years ago Frank began working on a custom character based on one of my crazy rough draft sheep cartoons...and he chose as a reference the sheep getting a haircut at The New Ewe, resulting in a sheep with a mohawk and ear ring, which was both comical and yet typical of tagged sheep.  The character was never released because of problems with the eye rigging, and his not being able to decide how to texture the wool.   What was amazing to me is that he came up with this character is just a few days.   Frank has an enormous talent that has not yet been fully expressed.  Just thought this faithful group of Nursodites would appreciate seeing this.



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    300 x 396 - 216K
  • That is an awesome story.  It's too bad that one never got finished.  >.<

    I keep hoping that Frank will build a little long tailed catlike character.  His upright animal visions are my favorites (Slon, Fon, Puntik etc).  Seeing something with the charm and facial morph/emote capacity of Fon in the way of an upright, hairless feline influenced beast would be the ultimate win.

    Got a pair of really good beach textures for the Karth shorts.  :D

    I like turtles.  Do you?
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  • :x
    Suspiro ergo sum.

  • Yes indeed, I do like those turtles...haha.   Brulba is getting an impressive wardrobe.

    ...and I agree, Frank's animal characters have been his best work.   Hein was probably his most popular, well received character in terms of vendor support, but it takes imagination to "see" an animal the way he does.  I laughed out loud when he sent me the sheep work in progress picture...he had captured my idea and added his unique touch.  Part of the problem with trying to finish the character was our language difference...he wanted to make absolutely sure that I would be happy with it, and I tried to assure him that I thought he was doing a great job with it, but I was incapable of offering any sort of suggestion in regard to how to handle the wool texture.  Since all of his characters were, and still are, bare-bodied, I had suggested that he just go that way with it, then perhaps a "wool sheep suit" could be created that fit over the body somehow, like a big fur coat or wool sweater.   That suggestion I'm sure was difficult for him to understand and perhaps even got lost in the translation.   He needed someone with modeling and texture experience to make suggestions...and I didn't have enough of either one, nor do I know German, so I couldn't be of much help.   It's sad to know  the little critter was never completed.    I also agree that a cat-like character would be useful, as would be a dog.   A friend of mine has a beautiful tonkinese that rules...haha....and I spent some time over the weekend thinking about how to include animated pets in the Nursoda critter world.  So far the best cat candidate is 3DU's Noodle, but it would be great to see Frank's creative interpretation of "cat-titude".



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    600 x 293 - 196K
  • Love the Bacon and Noodles play!
  • Could you just imagine Frank building something based off of this head?


    You'd be able to hear my squeeing halfway around the world.

  • Wow, what a wrinkly kitty...haha...and yes, Frank could definitely do it.   I wish there could be a way that we could effectively communicate ideas and requests to Frank.  Maybe I'll try one more time, by sending him an email at Rendo, to come view this page.

    Elynda, glad you liked the ball game.  Wanted to set up a test animation to see if it would work, so the next step will be involving perhaps Slon or Hein in the background somehow.  Larger version on testing page:


  • Muahahaaa!  More crazy turtle beach shorts coming.  I'm going to call the set Beach Bums and I'll be making some matching shirts from the bodysuit since no teeshirt or any shirt for that matter has yet to turn up.

    Hey, Bia! What do you think? You like these? :D
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    874 x 289 - 68K

  • Just sent a Rendo email to Nursoda with link to this page.

    The "Beach Bums" are looking good    :D

  • Hehehehe!  Poor Frank is so shy.  >.<  It's too bad because he is such a sweet man.
  • Oh, man. I want a turtle design for my (Poser Dynamic) Hawaiian shirt! *whimper*  Those are totally awesome.
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  • Nanobot said:

    Oh, man. I want a turtle design for my (Poser Dynamic) Hawaiian shirt! *whimper*  Those are totally awesome.

    e-mail me the drop box and I'll give you some.
  • Also, some of the trans maps for different Brulba tops are made.  :D

    Feel free to use the trans maps.

    Now for getting the trash out and hitting the bed. >.< I has a tired.

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  • Suro!  Your advanced copy of poses works fine!  Love them to bits.  :D  I think folks will snap them right up. 

  • :\">  Like such things do, they kinda just happened.
    Suspiro ergo sum.
  • Glad they did.  :D  And now they're on the Compendium listing so everyone can find them.
  • *preening*
    Suspiro ergo sum.

  • I've been searching for free spacecraft that may be useful with Nursoda critters, and their new B-Styles outfits.  This one is on ShareCG, does have a tall dome that could handle Slon's long neck, but it includes an octopus-like alien seated inside.   Attempting to delete the alien also deletes the spaceship, so apparently the ship is parented to the alien, instead of the other way around.  Click on the hip of the alien, and dial the x-axis in order to move him out of the ship.  The alien can either be used elsewhere in the scene, or all of his body parts can be made invisible, in order to use the ship scaled for Nursoda characters.  Here's the link, if interested:



    600 x 327 - 30K

  • If you really love sci-fi, the best I've found so far is petipet's stuff, here:   http://www.daz3d.com/petipet

    Unfortunately some of the door open/close dials on the shuttle don't work in Poser 7 because of rigging differences, but on the spaceship the lower elevator door opens and closes, the elevator lifts, and the engine blade dials spin correctly when the rod is selected.   The large saucer has lots of seats for crew occupants, and the small shuttle is like a futuristic SUV. 







    600 x 478 - 54K
    600 x 375 - 47K
    600 x 375 - 43K
    600 x 447 - 52K
    600 x 478 - 189K
  • You're finding some interesting stuff there. :)

  • Hi Terre...I try to find free stuff that can be used for poses that I create for download...that way everybody gets a chance to use them, however sometimes the free stuff that's available lacks much potential for animation.   Such is the case with sci-fi, unless one uses Ptrope's trek stuff of ShareCG.  Since there's a sci-fi sale going on, thought this was the right time to seize the opportunity.  Petipet's futuristic city is free with the ships.


  • :(

    I stopped buying from Daz.

  • So had I...this is the first in almost a year.   I wasn't pleased with how things were going there, so what little I do now is primarily at Rendo.   I've spent the past week catching last minute March sales.   Most of the Rendo sci-fi is either Bryce models or war ships...so, Slon finally now has a vehicle for his crew, and is taking it out for a test drive...haha.    :D


    500 x 353 - 296K
  • Skylab - thanks for pointing out petipet's stuff! I occasionally buy from DAZ, and there's a bunch o' $2 sci-fi vehicles that look very nice. I could never make 'em that cheap!
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    * Isn't it wonderful how cute weapons of mass distraction can be?
    * Those are my principles. And if you don't like them, I have others.

  • You're right Nano, one of the older sci-fi models, Skyrider, would also go nicely with Petipet's Technopolis. 



    Starhawk and Vanguard are nicely done, very detailed, and Starfire would be useful for distance shots.  Petipet's flying machine caught my eye because the passengers can be seen through the windows, showing the Nursoda crew in flight.

    Free hover bikes here:  

    Another free spaceship:


  • Slon sci-fi poses on ShareCG:


    These poses were created to speed up my work flow, and thought I'd post them
    for others to download...even if you don't have the vehicles, they are
    sitting poses that can be used for other purposes.



    Slon doing a fly by in Rendo Techno Fish:


    650 x 294 - 33K
    500 x 375 - 405K
  • New World Landing

    1650 x 1150 - 1M
    Suspiro ergo sum.
  • LOL I totally have to get that Techno Fish now.  :)

    And dayum, Suro, I love it.  :D :D :D
  • Thank you.
    Suspiro ergo sum.

  • Here you go Wayii...a close up of Slon in the Techno Fish....hahaha   :D 

    It's on sale through end of today.


    645 x 919 - 164K

  • Poses for Brulba, Puntik and Slon using the free Darcassian Rocket Bike from RDNA, at this link:


    Poses on ShareCG:


    Scale bike to fit as desired.






    500 x 443 - 29K
    600 x 481 - 33K
    600 x 438 - 37K
    500 x 449 - 31K

  • 21 basketball team poses for Nursoda's Slon, Brulba, Bong, Puntik, Torf and Yweeb, on ShareCG:


    Have fun!


    image     image

    350 x 330 - 35K
    253 x 350 - 23K
  • Ahahaha... I wouldn't have thought of the boots as basketball shoes, but that's cool! I love your animations.
    * A child of five could understand this. Fetch me a child of five!
    * Isn't it wonderful how cute weapons of mass distraction can be?
    * Those are my principles. And if you don't like them, I have others.

  • I may not be online much for awhile, am using a laptop to post this message since apparently I've picked up something on my main workstation that has caused system files to be deleted.  I suspect it happened through cycling ads in my email account yesterday while I was taking a brief nap...when I woke, my anti-malware program was going crazy fighting off a trojan attack.  Thankfully I had just backed up my work files so nothing is lost...at least I don't think anything is lost.  However, it will take awhile to figure where I've put my recovery discs in order to get everything back up and running.  My laptop can handle small projects like poses, but that's about it.  Have fun everyone, and keep on creating....and I'll enjoy at least watching for awhile. 


  • :( oh pooh.
    Suspiro ergo sum.
  • Eek! My condolences.
    * A child of five could understand this. Fetch me a child of five!
    * Isn't it wonderful how cute weapons of mass distraction can be?
    * Those are my principles. And if you don't like them, I have others.

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