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Welcome to the (Concrete) Jungle
  • I'm glad to hear you are safe and, yes, I did get that last ecard. They are quite nice.
    It's always quite sad to see what fires do to people and property.
  • Cold weather sometime setting in here.
    Getting used to the new programs at work. Having fun seeing what can be done.
  • hi, terre. going to pick out a halloween e-card soon. good luck with your new programs.
    ~^..^~ ladyfur
  • Having fun with it actually. Getting used to the clunky/awkward/slow parts and enjoying the improvements. :)
    How are you doing?
  • Flipping IP addresses!!!!

    Literally! I can't access the "New at KeHE" section of their website on my work computer because of flipping IP addresses. Instead of just assigning an address like they have to everything else the link is a redirect to some flippy thing on unflip.com.

    This does not work when a customer is using a computer with an external hardware firewall mandated by a computer security contract. Set IP addies can be allowed through the firewall. Just tell it what is allowed. A freekin' range of addresses that some website uses is not allowed.
  • Good evening. :)
  • hi, terre. did you get the ip address issue sorted? sounds like an oversight on somebody's part.
    ~^..^~ ladyfur
  • No, It's just the way the site it accesses does things. Eventually the boss will have to set up his computer so I can do searches on it. From there I could access the New at KeHE stuff.

    How are you doing? Things are otherwise going well here. :)
  • Happy Thanksgiving. :)
    Turkey will be done in a couple more hours here.
  • The turkey is out of the oven and I had a VERY busy nose at my left elbow. He actually did eat some shreds of breast meat. I had expected him to just sniff and lick them.
  • lol, terre. the nose belonged to? happy thanksgiving, late. our beloved microwave of almost 20 years died today. i'm very sad. we loved it. the thing looked pregnant. it was round at the front. it apparently failed and leaked radiation... not feeling very well. we can't get a new one until next month. apparently it lasted longer than it was supposed to. it is obsolete, no longer made for over a decade. we'll get a smaller one next time. our thanksgiving dinner was a turkey pot pie.
    ~^..^~ ladyfur
  • The cat. LOL

    {{hugs}} Microwaves don't use ionizing radiation. The danger with them is getting cooked by leakage, not cancer from radiation poisoning.
  • Vacation this week. Relaxing at home and getting some errands run.
  • We both had little icons on our phone screens. A white triangle at the bottom with an exclamation point in the middle. NOT in the "starter guide" that came with the phones. After calling to have TMobile deal with a problem Jim was having it looks like that icon means there is a software update that needs a reboot to apply. Yu'd a' thunk that something THAT important would be included in the little book that comes with the phone!
  • hi, terre. that does sound awfully negligent of that company. 'progress'.

    our new microwave, emmy, is great. she is very quiet and has accurate timing. whew. she's also pretty. 0.9 cu black and silver.

    i will try to do art for christmas.
    ~^..^~ ladyfur
  • I hope you are up to doing art. I'm glad the new microwave is working out. How are you three doing?
  • Laugh of the day: A guy who stole several checks from a local business this summer deposited three of them into his own bank account. Needless to say the court has told the employee who will be the main witness for the case against another person involved in this that if he gets a summons for the man's just call the courthouse and they'll let him out of that one.
  • terre, too funny. i finally got 2 dioramas completed! i did them for a friend. i will post them here.
    ~^..^~ ladyfur
  • the children's nativity play.
    1141 x 804 - 715K
    ~^..^~ ladyfur
  • trimming the tree. took 3 light sources plus the tiny blue ikea lights on the tree.
    871 x 956 - 650K
    ~^..^~ ladyfur
  • Both look quite nicely done. Good work. :)
  • thanks, terre. we can't have a tree this xmas. the one we have has too heavy a base and mausi could get hurt. so i ordered a 2 foot faux alpine tree off amazon due next week and we'll have a new year's tree instead.

    tomorrow is our 25th anniversary. be sure to check your email for the xmas e-card i'm sending.
    ~^..^~ ladyfur
  • Thanks. :)

    Happy Anniversary!
  • thanks. here is our tree. i was able to salvage it by unscrewing the dead base, which smelled like dead rodent, and placing it on a lightwave box instead. mausi has not seen it yet...
    710 x 1160 - 737K
    ~^..^~ ladyfur
  • Beautiful work there. :)
    Merry Christmas!
  • Good morning. :)
  • Good morning. :)
  • Had an amusing thing this morning. Coke has brought Tab back to this part of the country and I had both the 20 year old Coke stocker and a nearly 30 year old co-worker as what it was. I decided to just say "It's one of the oldest diet sodas.".
  • Good morning. :)
  • Good evening. :)
  • Good evening. :)
  • hi, terre. happy new year, very late. thanks. that tree stayed up untouched by the cat until january 6. that is funny about the soft drink thing. i keep forgetting to post here. it seems we are the only two left on this site at all. i wonder where everyone has gone.

    right now i'm waiting on charter's repairman to arrive. they fixed the local internet speed and broke our connection reliability. they have to bring a new modem today.

    i hope all is going well your way.
    ~^..^~ ladyfur
  • GOod evening. :)

    Good to see you. All is going well here. I hope that connection gets properly and solidly fixed this time.
  • Happy Valentines Day!
  • Good evening. :)
  • Good morning. :)
  • Work funny: Seven of the price change tags that came in yesterday (Monday is one of my days off) were tobacco ones. Six had a state designation of WY and one of NE. I'm in NM. Had to fax that to the warehouse so they can fix the errors.
  • Good afternoon.
  • A former and now current co-worker has learned the value of leaving a job on good terms with a good record. She left town several years ago and recently decided that the big city was too dangerous and came back here. Due to her past at the store she immediately got hired when she put in an application despite the store having changed hands early last year. The new manager doesn't know her but the department managers do.
    While the new manager prefers to interview all prospective employees I wouldn't be surprised if he waived that in this case because the dept manager wanting to hire her back is one of the ones he has learned is very picky about his employees.
  • Good afternoon. :)
  • Good morning. :)
  • Good afternoon.
  • sorry i have been gone so long. i'm on linux now.
    ~^..^~ ladyfur
  • Hi! Sorry I missed you. I've been wondering how you are doing and then the stupid site said I didn't have an account. I got that fixed finally.

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