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  • Good morning. :)
  • hi, terre. i'm sorry, i misplaced the link here and i couldn't get back until now. :( i need to read your posts...
    ~^..^~ ladyfur
  • Terre said:

    with how things are in the news this year i don't doubt those jokes were real occurrences. crazy. poor state.
    ~^..^~ ladyfur
  • ok, i caught up now. glad you have overtime. i agree on the bat signal. and i'm really glad your old boss' father is getting better.

    is nanobot ever coming back here?
    ~^..^~ ladyfur
  • Now and then she will. Suro too.They just are both very busy.
    Good to see you. :)
  • good morning. i am not online as often these days. i tire too easily. i'll try to get here more often. good to see you too, terre.
    ~^..^~ ladyfur
  • Please get enough rest.
    Things are going fine here. New management at work is working out quite well and things are settling down to where I'm putting in more reasonable hours.
  • Happy Independence Day!
  • Good afternoon. :)
  • hi, terre. i'm catching up on sleep finally. my hair is starting to separate from my skull and look less like a helmet after 3 months. i may have as much hair as the cat by now. it's a start. i shocked the neighbor. she'd only seen me with a hat or sweatshirt hood since april so she didn't even know my hair was gone. i forgot and answered the door with my head uncovered...

    it has been the coldest spring and summer i've ever seen here. that may be keeping fires down. it's just odd to wear sweats in summer...

    i'm glad your job is going well.

    i ordered a new mouse, a tiny one. maybe i can get back to art soon. the verdict is tba after it arrives next week.
    ~^..^~ ladyfur
  • Hi. ;)
    Glad to hear things are improving. I hope you can get back to art.
  • GOod morning. :)
  • Good news on former boss' dad. A lot of the tumors have dissolved. I hope the other patients in the various clinical trials that MS Anderson is running with immunotherapy are doing well also. No way to know at this point.
  • hi, terre. very happy about the boss' father. i was hoping he'd get better.

    the mouse was defective doa and amazon even argued with me over the refund. i'm not risking another one. :(

    right now the fridge is acting up and we can't report it until tuesday. last time a fridge failed we had just moved in and lost everything because landlady took 4 days to replace it.
    this time we don't even have any ice. i swept behind it and tried to clean the coils. hoping that fixes it. sigh.
    ~^..^~ ladyfur
  • btw, terre, hope you got the e-card the other day. i missed 4th of july and sent friends a cute summer card instead.
    ~^..^~ ladyfur
  • Yes, I did. Thank you. :)

  • I keep hoping things will improve for you guys, {{{hugs}}}
  • My oddity for today: The closest ocean port to us is Houston Texas, Over 500 miles to the
    south east. So what do I get as customer phoning a question about late
    this morning?
    A fish counter. The kind where you walk up and pick out your fish and they package it up for you.
  • terre, that is too funny. i was raised in san franciso. in the 80's i was visiting my ex in richmond, virginia. he thought maybe we could reconcile, didn't happen. anyway, i'll never forget calling a grocery store that was walking distance for his apartment to ask if they had lox at their fish counter. 'may-yum, i reckon you need to call yur-self a hard-wary store. they sells all sortsa' locks there.' i had to explain it was fish...
    ~^..^~ ladyfur
  • posted too quickly. the fridge in our apartment decided to stop defrosting on sunday. we tried reporting it monday only to find out landlady's 86 year old husband died. her family, including handyman son in law, are out of town. we can't even report until thursday. so we were forced to order a mini fridge, mini freezer from wal-barf with free shipping so we can save any of our food since a full sized fridge costs more than our rent. fedex got delayed by the fires, maybe in another 12 to 15 hours...

    so we are madly scrambling to keep a soup simmering on the stove with leftovers getting tossed in as the level goes down. the pork hocks were first and now it's chicken wings. don't want to see our electric bill next month.

    last time a fridge died here it took ll over a week to replace it with a working used one and we lost everything even with a bag of ice handyman had brought us while we waited. this time we have no ice. shadow wasn't willing to wait. our grocery money went to buying something to save what we have now. you can't buy cold food without a way to keep it cold. what a fun month.
    ~^..^~ ladyfur
  • Ouch. ((hugs))

  • Me (late this morning) talking to our floral manager. "I see you've got some organic fly killer in."

    Kind of ugly things too. Pitcher Plants to be specific.
  • Good morning. :)
  • Good afternoon. :)
  • hi, terre. sorry i haven't been here. we bought a mini fridge and mini freezer after we lost a lot of our food. then landlady replaced the big dead fridge with an old used obsolete model of amana that sort of works. shadow went grocery shopping... then, after it had been half full for a while it began to make noises sounding as if it was in its death throes. freezer section had gone to 38 degrees and fridge to 53. we reported it on sunday. handyman came on monday, saw that it did get power, left, and then returned to say we were told it is up to us to solve any more problems we might have with it ourselves! this is how tenants of 17 years get treated. :( they know we can't afford to move, especially with a cat. it stinks. losing her husband did not make her a nicer person and her daughter isn't friendly.

    so, we dusted it and moved it and it's working now as long as you don't put much food into it. yeah, i know... luckily the little ones work.

    i'd be out of here in a heartbeat if i could but this is all we can afford.

    my hair has grown out to the pixie faerie stage and no longer makes me cringe after over 5 months. my ears are still frozen. the weather is warming now but i'm cold all the time even in longjohns, and once again i got a bad spider bite. i swear we just have the greatest luck. at least we do have food and i can eat some.
    ~^..^~ ladyfur
  • Did you rent the place unfurnished? If not that bit about the freezer might be illegal.
  • I just had a thought. A lot of people are managing to get help through Go Fund Me accounts. GFM seems to take about 7% for the fee for providing the website and server.

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