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Nursoda Noir!

  • I've added a normal keyboard to my laptop which is helping tremendously...the hunt and peck method on the little laptop keyboard is a miserable experience.  The small laptop doesn't have the power needed to run Poser Pro 2012...at least I don't think it does....so I'll be working mostly in Poser 7 for awhile.   Just when I was getting interested in working with human characters, lighting and poses again....oh well.  I miss my huge monitor, which helps me to see better while doing complex poses.   I'll work through this some kind of way.  At least I didn't lose my created work, saved Poser scenes, and such.   I was working on, and had almost finished, another M4 pose set...just needed one more review with fresher eyes before uploading.  Maybe I can still finish the set this evening.  The worst thing about something like this is the distraction of it....and disruption of work flow habits.  If I move even one folder on my desktop, it slows my work speed...so  losing everything is of course a major doozie.   It's not quite as bad as Rain Man and his K-mart underwear and TV  anxiety, but it does provoke similar distracting thoughts..."this isn't my desktop, where is my desktop, my folder is supposed to be over here"....hahaha.


  • {{hugs}} I hope you get it back up quickly without too much trouble.
  • Oh no, hope you get your pc all fixed back up, skylab.

  • Thanks for the well wishes.   Have successfully set up Poser 2012 and my main runtime collections on the laptop...it's slow, but fully functional...so I'm back in business for creating poses.  Fortunately I had backed up my most recent project on external drive before the attack happened.  It will probably be tomorrow before I can complete the M4 pose set since it's taken all evening to set up.  Here's a small pic of one of the poses, guess it will be called "M4 thinking", or something like that...or "M4 after the computer crashed"....haha.



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  • That is worth waiting for. Very nice pose.
    Suspiro ergo sum.
  • I think the computer crash title fits quite well. :) Good job.
  • Are you going to be able to fix up your desktop?
    * A child of five could understand this. Fetch me a child of five!
    * Isn't it wonderful how cute weapons of mass distraction can be?
    * Those are my principles. And if you don't like them, I have others.

  • In order to keep a sense of humor about the computer crash, here's a Slon in stone contemplative pose on ShareCG....haha:



    Nano, the last time I booted the workstation, the main system files had mostly been destroyed, even options to control the display, so it booted to a huge resolution with no way to restore the desktop.  A quick glance at the restore drive showed nothing home at all.  Nothing opens, no browsers, control panel, and no way to click through to restore to a previous day, which would have been my first option had it been allowed.   It's a Win7  8 gig ram, terabyte drive system with an above average video card...which was great for animation.  I hope it can be restored, but I'm leaving room for doubt on this one, because it really wiped the thing out.  When Malwarebytes was going crazy quarantining dll's all over the computer, citing some sort of TrojanHD downloader as being responsible, I rushed to grab a few of my personal notes and files before it was too late.  All the 3D stuff had already been backed up before the attack.  I've read about this sort of thing happening before, but in 20 years experience with computers I'd never actually seen it happening.  It's ugly, and it's fast.   I will NEVER leave my web email open again.  It was the only thing active at the time I slipped off to sleep briefly.   I fear it has trashed my best workstation, only a year old, one I had intended to use for many years.   Because I have to watch rising stress level, I will pursue attempting to restore it later on, and for the time being prepared my laptop for use.   The laptop screen can't be compared to the large widescreen on the workstation, so some of my renders may end up appearing odd for awhile until I can come up with a plan B.   The real kicker in all of this is I'm very thorough about protection for my computers...firewall, anti-virus plus anti-malware...and McAfee must have been as asleep as I was at the time.  Oh well....unfortunately this type of thing has no quick fix reset button, or a "restore life to previous week" option.  At least I can still do poses...it will just delay some other things I had planned.


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  • Very nicely done pose.
    If worst comes to worst can you have someone clean and reformat the drive and then reinstall the files you rescued? Or just get a new HD? That would be loss of data but at least the computer itself would become usable again.

  • Good news...got the workstation restored to factory settings, back online, and will spend the next couple of days rebuilding the 3D workstation.   I've never seen a computer so totally trashed so fast.

    Information that may help you all take precautions, Malwarebytes always blocked ads most often at Renderosity and in Juno email.  McAfee doesn't even address this stuff.  This time it got out of hand probably because I was asleep when it happened, so I couldn't do a browser purge and reboot as I would normally do.  The fault was mine in leaving the email up unattended.  I don't know enough about how the flash ads are served online to know how this sort of thing can even be allowed, but the Malwarebytes program does indicate when it has blocked a threatening connection...and it happens at least once every time I go on Rendo, and almost daily in Juno web email.  All I can say is make sure you have your work files backed up on external drive.

    Well, have to get to work, lots to do . . .


  • Good news, skylab.  Well except for having to reinstall all your backups
  • Hi Elynda...yeah...a lot of work yet to do, but I've got files copying in rapidly from several sources to speed the process, and I think by this evening I'll be able to set up the Poser runtimes.  All the security and basics  have already been done.  Video and audio editing stuff will probably wait until tomorrow.  I got that hard drive a little over a year ago, for Christmas, for the purpose of doing animation without long rendering times and editing without chugging to a crawl.  It made me sick to think that I'd lost it.  I've worked with older systems before that failed to restore if the recovery drive was damaged, probably a limitation unique to older systems, so I cried with relief when the recovery software just breezed through the issues.  It's nice to know that whatever happens, I can restore it myself, so I won't have to be so over-cautious online that it's no longer enjoyable.  

    Well...back to work...


  • Great news! I was hoping that something that simple (if time consuming) would work. :)
  • I'm so glad your compy is coming back from the dead, Skylab. You should rename it, "Lazarus."
    * A child of five could understand this. Fetch me a child of five!
    * Isn't it wonderful how cute weapons of mass distraction can be?
    * Those are my principles. And if you don't like them, I have others.

  • You're right Nano, it would be an excellent name.  :D  

    Video and animation software installation almost completed.  After that, flash and imaging tools....and then it will be done.   It will actually be better organized than the original workstation, since I was still working at the time it was setup, and had to take a few short cuts to speed the process.  So, what could have been a tragedy ended up being an opportunity for improvement.   Animation takes a lot of computer juice.   The only way that I know of doing a "story" type of animation on a home workstation is the way my friend who passed away awhile back used to do it...she used to render her Poser movies in scenes, and then joined the animations in video editing software.  She was using a laptop and the renders would sometimes take all afternoon, and heat up the laptop ferociously, which was very frustrating to her.   I didn't try it, being too busy for much fun, working a high stress career ..and it took at least six months after leaving it before I stopped twitching...haha.      Now I'm pondering what it would take to create a mini-movie, going beyond the simple looping projects.   Working with AVI files takes a lot of system resources, and after many experiments, I think I've found a workaround of the problem....in short, I render the scene animation in Poser, import the AVI into Paint Shop Pro Animation Shop to tweak the frames, and convert it to a high resolution .gif (because it crashes when attempting to save very large AVI files), then import and stack the high res .gif files in Corel Video Studio 15 (or sometimes Sony Vegas), then render it all into a single AVI animation, and finally, use the free Any Video Converter to create a small file size flash or .flv for posting online.  Just sharing this in case any of you ever want to try it....it has taken several years of experimentation to arrive at this work flow solution for doing complicated animation on average resource home computers.

    A couple of blue man Flisch renders that were unfinished, ran across them while searching through files...haha.   :D



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  • Oh my goodness, them are literally gnarly pipes!
    * A child of five could understand this. Fetch me a child of five!
    * Isn't it wonderful how cute weapons of mass distraction can be?
    * Those are my principles. And if you don't like them, I have others.
  • Wow! That's a LOT of plumbing! @_@
    * A child of five could understand this. Fetch me a child of five!
    * Isn't it wonderful how cute weapons of mass distraction can be?
    * Those are my principles. And if you don't like them, I have others.

  • Well...here is my first attempt at creating a texture set.  This is a very humbling experience in light of the talent and abilities of folks in this group, but I guess one has to crawl before they can walk....so here's my "crawl".  There are no bumps or displacements because I have no idea how to create them.  Maybe there's enough here so that it can be improved upon.




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  • Things have been quiet here....hope all is well  :)

    New pose set for Slon, Hein, and Brulba, at ShareCG:


    The free mini bike is fully rigged for Poser (fork and wheels turn, kick stand works), at this link:

    Have fun!





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    425 x 400 - 45K
    330 x 400 - 28K
  • Cool! Brulba looks like he needs a bigger bike, though.
  • Haha...yes, Brulba had considerable "over-hang"...and Hein and Slon had to be up-scaled a bit...if I remember correctly, Hein was 130%.  

    Have been working on extensive M4 posing projects in order to offer some support to those of us who fell through the cracks between Genesis and Gen 4 models.   Have had no luck attempting to jump start my old thread in the Freepository as any attempt at posting links to other folks'  stuff gets deleted, citing new TOS rules.  I'm beginning to see what happened over there...since I was never a vendor I had no experience with that part of the transition, but it certainly feels now like an unfriendly "left foot of fellowship" toward anyone who offers support, links or praise to outside vendors.   Because of that, I will focus support only for  Nursoda and other older models, out of respect to all the vendors who probably got left hanging in the transition.  And as I've said before, I'm certainly sorry if any of this hurt anyone in this group.   In the name of "new and improved", the 3D community suffered a serious split down the middle...because of greed and immature judgement...instead of building each other up so that all would have an opportunity to participate and prosper.  At my age, I have no idea how many more years I'll be able to participate...but I would like to think that I'd leave behind something of value for others.

    I'm sure by now everyone has heard about the new Poser release coming soon, go here if you haven't seen:

    Question and answers about Poser 2014 on Rendo, here:

    Poser Pro 2014 forum at RDNA:

  • Hmmm, I'll have to do some biker textures for available clothing to go with those poses, skylab.  :D
  • Hey Elynda...sounds great :D  I thought that the mini bike was an exceptionally nice freebie.   If you're using Poser 7, the Mini Bike shows in the Props folder....once loaded, if you select the fork, a dial called "Direction" shows for steering...selecting individual wheels reveals the tire rotation dials...and selecting the kickstand shows adjustment for "Bequille" in the parameters box (French).   Would be nice to experiment with different bike and chrome textures....it could be quite cute.  Full sized bikes are too large for most of the Nursoda critters...but this one seems to work pretty good for short legs.   By the way, Slon is also up-scaled to 130%.   Brulba is 100%, and could be down-scaled...75% looks better, and just the arms have to be adjusted to connect the hands with the handlebars.

    Looking forward to seeing those biker textures  :D

  • Adorable. Thank you. And pooh on that other forum. We will gather here and sit at your feet awaiting the next wonderful set of poses.

    I've been busy with end-of-semester madness, but while I'm hopping in, I'll mention the M4 and horse poses: yee-hah!
    Suspiro ergo sum.
  • Haha...yee-hah right back at you  :D   I jumped into that particular project on an impulse idea and had no clue whether folks would even like it...and possibly the horse poses were of more interest than M4.   I'd never done animal poses before so it was a stretch for me....haha.

    The project I'm working on now is REALLY a stretch....in that I'm tackling the first of a series of classical paintings.   I have a feeling that I'm using a "Window Seat Set" model that was possibly created by Nano as the base for creating the traditional Last Supper painting.   I modeled the ceiling beams to drop into place,  and the simple side panels for the walls, and painted a scenery background for mock windows...but I'm not sure about the back wall, I may try switching it off and model a three window wall as appears in the painting, but I don't have the skill to do the rounded arch over the middle window.   Here's a sneak peek....the M4's in zero seated position are in place at the table, but only the middle three have had some pose work done.  Here's a link to the window seat room:   http://www.renderosity.com/mod/freestuff/details.php?item_id=67728


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  • Jim's going to grab PP2014 as soon as it comes out. :)
    I'm looking forward to seeing more of the stuff you're working on.
  • Oh wow, that's very cool! I don't think I would have the patience for something of that caliber. I have thought of mimicking paintings, but that is EPIC.
    Suspiro ergo sum.
  • Terre, glad Jim's getting PP2014...I'm considering it, since I'm already in Pro and don't want to lose my upgrade status.  So far the buzz seems to mostly be over the clothes fitting capabilities.

    Suro...it has taken me longer to find props and clothing (from the collection I already have) to fit the scene than it will to pose the characters.  I'm using one of the tables from Faveral's Medieval Tavern, fitting two of them end to end...and have to build a leg-less mid section so that the other legs are spaced near correctly.  Since I don't know of a conforming tablecloth that size, I'll probably just use flat planes for the top and sides and hope it renders okay.   I don't think my nerves would be able to take managing dynamic robes on 13 figures, though it would look better...haha...so I'm thinking either the M4 morphing fantasy robe from Rendo, M4 mage or Moroccan Dreams will be the only conforming options.  The final render won't be as important as getting the pose set created.   The M4 poses could then be used for M3 and M2,  which have plenty of Poserworld conforming robes...and it may be that the final "promo" render will be with M3 and M2.  I've found that M4 and M3 poses are pretty much interchangeable, with perhaps a few adjustments in the hands, but not so with M2.  I have to convert them directly from M3 in order to be able to apply them successfully to M2.  I may end up bundling the pose sets according to the three models, in case it may be easier for folks to use.   Anyway...this project has had me busy, so thought I'd just come up for air, take a break and make some Nursoda fun stuff for the minibike before going back to the big project.  Good chatting with you all again.    :D

  • It has been awhile since I checked Frank's website...and it appears there are a couple of new freebies posted...an add-on for Doc Pitterbill, and a human face morph for Frankie the pig.   Go here, and click "freestuff" in the upper left corner:



  • Cool! The more the better. :)
  • Darnit. I didn't need to see that. Because now... WANT!! (that is Doc Pitterbill and Frankie whom I don't have yet)

    But there's New Poser first.

    Why am I not a billionnaire yet?

    Oh yeah. I'm too lazy.
    Suspiro ergo sum.

  • Same for me...everything else goes on hold for the time being until Poser 2014  :D

  • Four poses for Hein, at ShareCG, using Ockham's free swing:

    Ockham's swing:

    Since Hein is so small, the swing needs to be scaled down 50%.






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  • Making progress...and you'll see why I have to take breaks...very visually intense pose work.

    650 x 453 - 67K
  • Cool work there, mam. :)
  • That's going to be gorgeous when it's finished, skylab!

  • Thanks so much Terre and Elynda...the project might be completed soon.  I'm working on saving the individual poses now, and then have to do the M3 and M2 conversions for folks who prefer using older conforming robes at Poserworld.   I decided to do something different for the pose set render, since clothing and hair were really slowing the computer down...am considering the figures having a statue  appearance with a Dali-style suspended background...otherwise it could take another week to prepare for release.  Here's a sneak peek...and hopefully it will be uploaded by this evening.



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    650 x 385 - 58K
  • That sounds like an interesting idea. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

  • The M4 pose set is uploaded to ShareCG, here:

    M3 testing showed too much distortion in the hands and feet, so I will make adjustments and also convert to M2, delaying release of these until later, after resting my eyes...haha.


  • Wow.
    Suspiro ergo sum.

  • Hi Suro.... :)   If you all want to see a larger version of the Last Supper posted online, I've got it up on my personal website that I use to share basics about 3D, and more serious projects with my close friends (yes, once in awhile I actually do something that isn't comedy...haha).   Go here to see, and also the other project I'm working on, needs texture work and much more detailed animation:




  • After my nap, I realized I should have included more information with the Last Supper download.   One image has the names as a placement guide, and the other is a back view as a guide to scene construction.   I didn't think it would be a good idea to put the back view up at ShareCG as someone might get offended, especially non-English speaking.   The characters of Peter and Thomas were especially difficult to figure out through all the folding robes of the original painting, and I came to the conclusion that they had to be leaning upon the bench with one foot on the floor.  Download the names and back view pics here:


    ...and to get things back on the Nursoda track, here's Hein Moses...haha :)


    EDIT TO ADD:    A funny thing happened on the way back to my runtime....Hein WIP  :D

    385 x 500 - 48K
    650 x 451 - 54K

  • Well, it's the 21st, the big day for Poser folks.  Downloading is slow, but at least this time they included a download manager.  I'll probably be up all night, but wanted to avoid the increase in server traffic later on.  So far the only download completed is the badge...haha  :D

    Info if interested:



    100 x 100 - 19K
  • Are you going to do the full table with the Heins? That is cute.
  • Hi Terre...oh yes, am working on the whole Hein set.   Had to think about it for a bit, to make sure some would not find it offensive, but actually it would be useful for children....so I'll take that approach when I upload it, that it could be used as a toon version for children's stories.   After I posted the Moses Hein above, I started wondering if the same robe would work with Hein seated at the table.   The bend at the lap is a little messy, but can be hidden by a high table top.  The robe happens to be on sale now at Rendo, go here:

    I'm hoping the new Poser Pro will help with clothes fitting issues...supposedly it will even take older clothing and fit to new models, with some effort.  Clothing has been my greatest obstacle.  I love posing and animation, but fitting realistic clothing is yet beyond my ability.

    Poser Pro is still downloading....the program has completed, but there's over 3 gig of content yet to go.  The Hein Last Supper project will be something light to do while setting up the new program and content, and I'll continue with M3 and M2 probably this weekend, after installation.


  • If it helps, I'm a Christian and I've already stated my view. :)
    The people who would find it offensive are the kind who over react to a LOT of things.
    I find the Precious Moments Christmas stuff to be annoying but that's simply because I don't like that particular style. The fact that it's toony isn't a problem for me.
  • Jim just got the physical copy ordered. :)

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