3d-NOIR IS BACK! Yes, we're back in business. We were OUT of business because of spam applicants. Membership is by invitation only now, for that reason. Members may invite others through their accounts page. Want to join the discussions? Ask a member. :) Note that everyone who WAS a member is STILL a member.

About 3d Noir

Welcome to 3d Noir! We aim to provide you with not only a place to show and discuss your 3d illustrations but also an encouraging place to get better at your chosen style of art.

How We Got Here

Once upon a time, there was a very homey little forum on the DAZ 3D site called The Commons, where we could do all sorts of silly stuff related to Poser and DAZ Studio. At the time, the thread in Commons focused on women and especially curvacious women with huge bewbs. Render art with men as the subject was scarce! As was illustration that told a good story—and was not necessarily a comic or graphic novel. And there was but one lonely little beefcake thread. Eventually, the chap who hosted the beefcake threads (one after another as the post limit was reached) decided it was too much to look after.

Then your hosts here, LT Roberts and La Nanobot, both of whom have been professional illustrators to varying degrees, decided we wanted to broaden the focus from beefcake (which is still nice) to male-themed art with a focus on illustrations that tell a story. We both happen to be very fond of Film Noir and its offshoots, so we created the Virile Noir thread at DAZ 3D.

Virile Noir is still going strong! But we also recognize that forums change, and we wanted to provide a long-term home for like-minded artists.

In the interests of equality and dignity, we are not restricting subject matter to male-only. We still like it, but we're not going to make you do only guys.

Ground Rules

The ground rules are few:

  • Get someone to invite you here or "apply" and you'll be let in. We need to know that you are a genuine human person and not a spammer, basically, and this is the least painful way to do it.
  • Do as you would would be done by. We aren't fond of breaking up fights and consoling widows. Well, consoling widows is OK...
  • Keep your sense of humor (because ours is pretty weird).
  • Try to keep the forum tidy by posting pictures and discussing in the appropriate places.
  • Adult language is OK, but there are limits, and that limit is when you start calling other members really bad names because you're mad at them..
  • Nudes that you would see in an art school life-drawing class are fine.
  • Really overt sexual depictions are not acceptable. Please go to Renderotica or Male Poserotica II for that. Our landlord (hosting company) has some rules about this, see, so we must remain p0rn-free.
  • Really graphic violence is also not acceptable. Again, please go to other forums to post that.
  • Massively off-topic spam will be deleted and spammers banned. I mean, don't sell us hair pieces or penis enlargers. We appreciate your concern for the quality of our lives, but no thank you.
  • Application wars will not happen, period. Discussion of strengths and weaknesses is appropriate. Telling us we're dolts because we don't use X is not.
  • Enjoy! Ask questions, get help, or just be friendly.

Nota Bene

This place is publicly viewable. Don't put anything here that you wouldn't want someone important to you to see.

So, if you have issues or questions or want to invite someone in or just shoot the breeze, please see your friendly moderators!

Nanobot - Admin.
Reach me by email at nan @ cooltuna.com

LT Roberts - Moderator

Xaa - Moderator
Xaa did the big banner at the top. We love it!